Tuesday, 18 April 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: What at first looks like a pretty cool behind scenes photograph of David Peel, Yvonne Monlaur and Peter Cushing on the set of #hammerfilms 'The Brides of Dracula'...on closer inspection reveals it's a very cool shot of them rehearsing, and Cushing is wearing a comfy personal woolly sweater!! He is wearing his Van Helsing costume, under the sweater!

TRIVIA: The Hammer films, BRAY STUDIOS lot was a notoriously cold unheated place to work. The manor house of Down Place, where most of the interiors for #THECURSEOFFRANKENSTEIN and #DRACULA #HORROROFDRACULA were shot, were very cold in the winter months, the outer lot buildings were unheated too. When Christopher Lee as Dracula stands talking to Harker in the guest room, his breath can be clearly seen! When Lee played the Creature in 'Curse of Frankenstein' his bandages, post the huge water tank, were soaked with warm water, which cooled to freezing water within minutes, and gulps of brandy were consumed to stop him catching hypothermia!

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