Thursday, 20 April 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: A wonderful publicity photograph of both Peter Cushing and Vincent Price while recording the BBC radio serial 'ALIENS OF THE MIND' in 1977. Do you REMEMBER this radio series being broadcast? 

ABOVE some Radio Times Listings from our archive of the broadcasts
 back in 1977 . ..

ALIENS OF THE MIND was a serial in six parts with Vincent Price as Curtis Lark and Peter Cushing as John Cornelius. On the Isle of Lewigh, Lark and Cornelius are certain that the death of Dr Hugh Dexter was no accident. From his research notes, they diagnose the ' island sickness ' as the early symptoms of a strange genetic mutation undergone by many of the inhabitants, turning them into zombies blindly obeying some unknown force. The key to the mystery seems to be an apparently simple-minded 18-year-old - Flora Keiry - who saves Lark and Cornelius from being burnt to death! The series titles were, ‘ISLAND GENESIS’, ‘HURRIED EXODUS’, ‘UNEXPECTED VISITATIONS’, ‘OFFICIAL INTERCESSIONS’, ‘GENETIC REVELATIONS’ AND ‘FINAL TRIBULATIONS’. 

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