Saturday, 15 April 2017


ON COMPLETING his first Hollywood film with 'The Man In The Iron Mask' shot in 1939 with 'Frankenstein' director, James Whale, he learned that Hal Roach Studios required English actors for his latest Laurel and Hardy picture, A Chump At Oxford'. Cushing auditioned and was accepted to play the role of Oxford student Jones.

CUSHING worked with the legendary comedy duo for one week. Cushing was very lucky to appear in one of the duos funniest comedies. The film contains some priceless comedy moments. 'A Chump At Oxford' print was later extended for European release by adding a chaotic dinner-party scene during the opening of the film. This was in fact, a remaking of an early Laurel and Hardy silent short form 1928 called ' From Soup to Nuts!'. Sadly Cushing was not included in this addition footage. 

ARRIVING at the collage, they arrive by cab wearing ETON collars, much to the amusement of Cushing and the fellow students, 'But, you are wearing ETON collars' says one of them. 'Well, that's swell..' says Stan, '..We haven't EATEN since breakfast!'. It's noticeable that Cushing gets more lines than the fellow students, possibly because he was the only genuine English sounding actor there! He looks every inch a star, with his pencil mustache, waved hair and his rakish mortar board hat. CATCH A CHUMP AT OXFORD in co,our just uploaded to our PCAS YOUTUBE Channel!

#HAMMERFILMSATURDAY: TWO great peeps behind the scenes on Hammer films, 'Dracula Has Risen From The Grave' (68) Veronica Carlson up in the roof top set and Les Bowies, 'Dracula's Remains!'

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