Saturday, 1 April 2017


NEWS: Peter Cushing's former home in Whitstable, Kent is to be moved 'brick-by brick' to a Dracula theme park in Transylvania, Romania later this year. The beautiful beach front home in Sea-Salter, Whitstable was home to the actor Peter Cushing and his wife, Helen from the late 1950's. The house attracts many visitors through-out the year, who want to take a snap of the 'blue-plaque' home that was once residence to the actor who is famous for having played the Dracula's nemesis and vampire hunter, Van Helsing in FIVE Hammer horror films.

Spokesperson for the Romanian Tourist Board, Ivan Youon said in a press release today, 'We are very excited and honored to soon have what was Peter Cushing's home in our theme park. We know it draws hundreds of tourists who want to see it every year in Whitstable. We have been in secret talks with the town council for many, many months, and now I can't believe, it is really about to happen. This summer we will under-take a huge exercise in moving the house to the site at our Dracula Theme Park, here in Transylvania, brick by brick. It is a very long, expensive and complicated process, but we were very successful in moving a summer house and garden shed from the one of Bram Stoker's homes a few years ago. Bram Stoker was the author of the novel Dracula and our museum at the park holds many rare items from Stoker's life, his writing desk, his bed and his beard grooming comb. The museum also holds many items and props that were used in the Hammer Dracula films: Dracula's cloak, used in the 1958 classic 'The Horror of Dracula', Christopher Lee's tooth brush,and a rare cinema poster from the film, thought to be worth £30,000. 'Cushing's home will be the perfect addition to the other Dracula themed attractions we have at the park' said Ivan.'I think it will be very popular'  

Work is expected to start on the site next month. Whitstable Town Council were unavailable for comment when this went item to post. - Marcus


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