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#SILENTBUTDEADLY This is for Connie Hughes, UK... we don't get many requests for GIFS from Hammer films THE MUMMY, so glad to see this one. Christopher Lee goes on the rampage as the undead KHARIS, attacking Cushing 'father' Stephen Banner played by Felix Aylmer. Excellent cast, headed up by Cushing, Lee, Yvonne Furneaux, Raymond Huntley, Michael Ripper... every player, is a winner...This is another of the few Classic Hammer films from their 'golden period' 1957 until...well when would you say was it Hammer Films golden age??

#SILENTBUTDEADLY: A chance encounter, with Ian Carmichael meeting with a strange and batty lady on a train, sets the foundation for one of Amicus films, weirdest stories in their series of portmanteau movies. The script for 'From Beyond The Grave' has no fat, no dull plots and plenty dark humor. This story, has Reggie Warren (Ian Carmichael) a somewhat pompous business man who enters Peter Cushing's Temptations Ltd shop and puts the price tag of a cheaper snuff box in the one he wants to buy, whilst out of sight. Cushing old chap, the Proprietor sells him the box at the altered price, bidding him farewell with a cheery "I hope you enjoy snuffing it" and rings up a 'no sale' through the till.

ON THE TRAIN HOME, an apparently batty old clairvoyant/white witch, Madame Orloff (Margaret Leighton) disturbs Warren whilst he reads his paper, advising him he has an Elemental on his shoulder. Warren dismisses her, but has cause to call on her services when his dog disappears and his wife Susan (Nyree Dawn Porter) is attacked and choked half to death by an unseen force. Orloff exorcises the Elemental from Warrens' home, and all seems well—even the dog returns... and then...! It's a neat, tight, entertaining tale based on a work by R. are all the short stories here. Cushing turned in a terrific performance as The Shop Keeper, dropping puns and barbs, though I would have loved to have seen Cushing in the Ian Carmichael role. When PCAS interviewed Milton Subotsky in the early 1980's, I did get to ask him, if he thought Cushing would have made an interesting ' Reggie Warren'. He said told me that, Cushing had been suggested for the role, but his schudule prevented him for committing the time needed to have played that character. A shame indeed. Cushing did have a flair for comedy, and a quick wit and great timing, it would have made a very interesting move, and one that may have seen him offered more comedy roles.... 

#SILENTBUTDEADLY: YOU REALLY CAN BE  a blood thirsty lot! This GIF requested by DEAN PRICE contains a shot that was 'chopped-out' by the censors when this first was released in the UK and the US back in 1967. 'ISLAND OF TERROR' (Below) is the twin of another film, made the year before, called 'NIGHT OF THE BIG HEAT. The premise of the films hangs on a party of people being attacked by some 'things from another planet'..on an island. Both directed by Hammer supremo Director Terence Fisher and starring Peter Cushing. Both films offer Cushing a role he could have played in his sleep, but he doesn't walk it, as always he works with what he has, and makes a great deal, aided by Christopher Lee in Night Of The Big Heat and here with Edward Judd in 'Island of Terror.'


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