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TALES OF TOM MIX is a series of novels set in the sunset days of the Old West, based on the life of Cowboy movie legend Tom Mix; written by Scott McCrea and published by Dusty Saddle Publishing. Born & raised in New York City, Scott McCrea always dreamed of wider horizons. His love of the Old West began when he started reading about Tom Mix, a working cowboy & performer in Wild West shows who became the first big time star of American Western films. Mix’s real life experiences in the rapidly changing West provide an excellent starting point for many different kinds of adventures.


When a stranger in town is found to be cheating at cards, the other players take the law into their own hands. Shortly thereafter, the members of the lynch mob start turning up dead. Marshall Tom Mix is in
a race against time to find the killer.

This is a very entertaining whodunnit featuring well written characters and a likable, believable lead. It has a nice period feel; I especially enjoy Tom Mix reading a dime novel on the train. There are enough red herrings to keep you wondering, and the reveal comes at just the right time for the exciting final reel. It’s made even more fun by basing some of the characters on Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Lon Chaney Jr, Dwight Frye & Vincent Price, with cameos by Glenn Strange, Telly Savalas and Francis DeWolf. Described in terms of some of their more well known characterizations, all are recognizable, with accurate, if not always flattering, descriptions. Christopher Lee is the hardest to describe; aside from his height, he has no remarkable physical features (at least not to the casual cinema goer), a factor which stood him in good stead in his career as a character actor. More might, perhaps, have been made of Lee’s piercing eyes and long, expressive, hands & fingers, or the “Errol Flynn” pinkie, but such descriptions, satisfying as they would be to fans, would not have advanced the plot. As is, knowing that Lee is one of the featured players, it is easy to pick him out of the crowd and he does get by far the most satisfactory death scene, as befits a man who died onscreen so often and so well.

Peter Cushing is easier to describe due to those marvelous cheekbones and he is especially well drawn, with his trademark attention to diction, coldness of attitude (totally at odds with the real man) and dialogue reminiscent of the educated tones of Frankenstein or Van Helsing. There are also a number of references to films in which these various gentlemen appeared, which are a delight to come across. I have not read a lot of Westerns (the few that I did read growing up were mostly about horses), but Western films and TV series were a staple diet of my childhood and adolescence in the 60s. This book reminds me a bit of Gunsmoke, where the Marshall was sweet on the Lady saloon owner and the Bartender was always at hand. These were stories for a simpler time, before the rise of the anti-hero; when the good guys were Good, if a little conflicted. The bad guys might be black hearted villains, or might have some redeeming features, but all paid for their crimes by story’s end. There were, however, few, if any, tales of the time when the Old West was fading away and the modern world asserting itself, like some kind of ivy that takes over a wall, eventually destroying it. This is the small moment in time in which the Tales of Tom Mix are set, with Our Hero holding true to tradition, while aware that times are changing.

Deuces Wild is the 4th novel in the series, following Mountain Killer, Savage Mesa and Cowboy Justice. Tom Mix’s life spanned the end of the Old West and the early days of American cinema. Along the way, he met many legendary people, such as Wyatt Earp, Buffalo Bill Cody, Boris Karloff & John Wayne, any of whom may turn up in stories! And, as we’ve seen in Deuces Wild, there may be other “guest stars” waiting to be discovered.

Colleen Crouch 

Editors Note: As a young child, Peter Cushing was a huge fan of Tom Mix and spent many of pocket-money pennies, visiting the local cinema with his older brother David, enjoying shorts and feature length Tom Mix western adventures, most of which would be re-enacted for weeks later in his garden at home, on his bicycle 'horse', complete with his lasso rope. A dangerous exercise, at the best of times. ' Little did I dream- when all but killing myself with my lasso- that one day I would actually meet the man who had inspired those reckless activities - no less a person than the great Tom Mix himself!' - Peter Cushing, An Autobiography : Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1986
All enhanced character photographs in this feature
created and edited by  PCASuk Stills Editor Jamie Somerville

For further information, please visit the series’ website Books are available from the website & also on Amazon, in both hard copy and Kindle formats. HERE!

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TO BE VERY HONEST with you, over the past year or two, I've found myself getting quite cynical and disappointed, about some of the #PeterCushing, #Hammerfilm, #Amicusfilms 'product' rolling out and claiming our hard earned coffers. Repackaged blu rays with lean extras, books that recycle well worn tales, with the style and presentation of a cheap mag and for all the world is presented like a male order seed cataloge. Documentaries, with the slimmest of threads or themes on which to hang 90 minutes of 'who-he?' talking heads and footage culled from fly blown trailers, where the words claim to be HIS very own, but everyone else's and rarely his. Distributors like #Indicator and #Network seem to be the only companies with a conscience and quality control. Yup, I still purchase, I order and moan. BUT the one thing above all of these gripes, which for me personally, regarding BOOKS, that sort-out the standards of 'worth my lolly, worth re reading and a job well done' is the tight-fisted meanness, bad editing skills of VISUAL content. 
FOR ME, maybe I am on my own, film is more so a visual medium. I love or hate the score, but seeing stills, a visual token of a scene or emotive happening in a film, is what sells or includes me in on what's being shared, communicated by the writer or even press book. So, why do so many authors of cinematic tomes, present us with match box size photographs?? The film was made to be presented on the BIG SCREEN. Write you description on the still, present the behind the scenes photograph with  coffee cup stain, fine. It's better than nothing. But, give a full size, colour, bleeding off the page vintage press or archive photograph, and you'll make my day. Sadly, by the time I get ten pages into a book, I don't get many happy days. . . . 

THAT WAS UNTIL, last week, when I received John Walsh's #DrWhoandthe Daleks' : The Official Story of the Film. The Christmas break, tripped up my postman/woman delivery, so a trek to the sorting office, that should have been taken on a raft or canoe, was quite the adventure, BUT it was very much worth it. Why? I'll tell you . . .  

DEPENDING ON your age, the memory of lying on your bed for hours, studying the fine detail of full page colour photograph of Peter Cushing as Arthur Grimsdyle, after crawling out of the grave, now upright and stalking through that gothic Amicus crooked gravestone cemetery, conjured up, in a magical other worldly blue filtered fog... the took the amazing eye of Norman Warwick's cinematography and Tony Curtis, art direction..  was for me, hypnotic. Author Alan Franks four Horror film hardback books, were capable of pulling in me and thousands of other teenage horror film fans, into that world. Such was the power of the photographs. We learned much from the text and critiques, but those photographs, said a thousand words. Walsh's impressive book, is standing in those same foundations. And, I am not the only one who thinks so of the book . . 

'John Walsh tells the story behind these movies in a well-pitched and considered style. . .  as someone who does know the subject matter, I was quite surprised by the number of things I didn't previously know. However, where the book excels is the quality and quantity of photographs. Walsh had access to both the Studio Canal archives and a number of private collectors, and as such, brings together a great number of previously unpublished photos. - Amazon Review 
'John Walsh has done it again, finally a book to celebrate the cinematic adventures of Dr Who. This book is a lavishly illustrated tribute to Peter Cushing's colourful adventures, fighting the Daleks. I'm old enough to have caught The first film on it's re-release in the early seventies with my Brother and late Mum. . .'  - J.R. Cook
'Amazing! From the moment I opened the book and was greeted by the original Dalek plans on the end papers I was hooked. The research that has gone into this to pull out fascinating behind the scenes details of not only the filming but the advertising and the merchandise is amazing. I'll be reading, re-reading and reading again. WHOray!' - Lord Andy
'Author and film expert John Walsh has unearthed a treasure trove of archive material, interviews and stunning artwork, and takes us through the whole process of translating the metal monsters from small screen to big. In-depth information on the production, design, casting and special effects is accompanied by full-colour illustrations, including props, posters, and behind-the-scenes photography – making it the perfect gift for fans of the films.' - Tardis Data Core 

THERE ARE MORE, many more just like the above. Reviews and blog appreciations. Walsh has managed to not only present THE book on the history and making of what was, quite a cinematic event. It was no easy task, bringing a concept from the monochrome tv screen, to the full colour big screen and wider audience. Here now, is a book that not only connects with those who are, older fans of the films, factually and visually, but also emotionally. Many of us saw these films as children, in the cinema or at home on tv re-runs with our families, grannies. For many, that's quite a relationship and one that Walsh has bridged across time and memory, to make the perfect and personal connection. Quite a talent and skill. Here's a benchmark, maybe one that future authors of our precious cinematic memories and passions, might want to take a look at too.....   
John Walsh is an award-winning London-based filmmaker. He is a double BAFTA and double Grierson Awards nominee for his ground-breaking work ranging from television series to feature films. John's documentary on Ray Harryhausen (Movement Into Life) is held in the Ray and Diana Harryhausen Foundation's archiveHis books include Harryhausen: The Lost Movies, Flash Gordon: The Official Story of the Film, Escape From New York: The Official Story of the Film .
Marcus Brooks
Dr Who and the Daleks: The Official Story of the Films
Hardcover 160 pages
Dimensions: 26.16 x 1.83 x 31.27 cm 
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1803360186 
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1803360188
ORDER HERE  OR  HERE, While Stocks Last.

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HI-DE-HI, HI-DE.... NOOO!? There was 'Frankenstein meets Wolfman' then 'Frankenstein meets Dracula' all quite interesting cinematic teaming, but here is one teaming, that might REALLY frighten you.... #SirChristopherLee and comedy actress and hyper-active 'funster' #SuePollard aka Peggy of the very popular #1980's #BBC comedy 'Hi-De-Hi'. 
I DON'T THINK even #PeterCushing's #VanHelsing, in any #Hammerfilms epic, could have fought off this duo! But hey, it was #Christmas #1986, it was for #charity and 'the kids'! A photo-op cracker.... we can be thankful that, Hammer never saw the potential in this one.
'SKIPPING, hopping #kungFu choppy vampire zombies in 'Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires' took some chewing and digesting. It was fun, but decibel-Peg with her mop and bucket... AND THE Count? A real X-Cert #nightmare. Bless em . . . . 

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IF YOU are a #Hammerfilms #PeterCushing OR #ChristopherLee fan... THIS could be on the top of your wants and #ChristmasGifts list next month!The estimated bids are from $1,000 to $1,500, but I feel it's going to be more than that! What do you think it's worth, would you like it under your or on TOP of your Christmas tree this year?

ALL SPECS AND DETAILS on the auction, dates, contacts and provenance you'll find below. Good luck! - Marcus

Painted plaster prop in the form of a perched eagle, hollow cast, with fragile tail feathers.
SPEC: height 39 in. width 32, in depth 12 in. 

This right-facing eagle was one of a pair of architectural props adorning Dracula's castle and was featured as the opening shot for the title sequence of the 1958 British Hammer Horror film. Based on #BramStoker's 1897 novel and starring #ChristopherLee as #CountDracula, the film was originally released in the U.K. under the title Dracula but was retitled for U.S. audiences to avoid confusion with the Universal Pictures 1931 original. 


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I AM ALWAYS very happy to give a #shoutout to anything that has a #PeterCushing / #ChristopherLee or #Hammerfilm flavour that is happening local to you... no matter where you are. All businesses are feeling the squeeze right now and certainly need any publicity they can get. Our local arts centres, community events and certainly our cinemas need your support... and the amazing 102 year old 'Abbeydale Picture House' in Sheffield, UK has been through it all.. and is still standing . . . and always providing great value for money! Simon Greetham has dropped us a line, to let us know about a weekend coming up and a fabulous opportunity to witness a Cushing and Lee classic plus THREE other beautiful Hammer films on THE BIG SCREEN! - Marcus
Simon Greethan: 'I thought this may be of interest a Hammer Film poster exhibition and two double bill screenings on Sat 19th & Sun 20th November, this weekend event will be taking place at the Abbeydale Picture House in Sheffield, the films to be screened are The Plague of The Zombies with The Devil Rides Out on the Saturday starting at 6:00pm and The Gorgon with Dracula Prince of Darkness on Sunday starting at 6:00pm....The Abbeydale Picture House is holding this event in association with the BFI....'

In collaboration with Reel Steel Cinema we’re presenting a Hammer Horror Weekender & Cinema Poster Exhibition, as part of the BFI In Dreams Are Monsters season. Featuring classic film titles and rare original cinema release posters.

Presenting a series of standout titles from a period in cinema where British horror changed the shape of the genre, these screenings will take place alongside a special cinema poster exhibition at the Abbeydale Picture House – featuring original cinema release quad posters from a private collection (gathered since the 1960s) – with rare original film posters from across Hammer and the wider horror genre, displaying the standout key artwork created in promotion of these titles, exhibiting this period in which the horror genre dominated cinema  . .


FEATURING TWO EVENING DOUBLE-BILL SCREENINGS (each from 6pm) across the weekend:

Saturday November 19th

The Plague of the Zombies (1966)
The Devil Rides Out (1968)

Sunday November 20th

The Gorgon (1964)
Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)

The exhibition will run 12pm-4pm each day (free entry).

MORE INFO can be found HERE!
Poster Artwork by #RosieWilson

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