Saturday, 11 May 2019


GREAT NEWS for THE AVENGERS and CYBERNAUT FANS! As we all know Peter Cushing starred in one episode of the THREE Cybernaut stories that were in the 'Avengers' and 'The New Avengers' series. 'The RETURN of the CYBERNAUTS' is included in this new, remastered blu ray set form Network.

HERE IS THE PRESS RELEASE DETAILS FROM NETWORK: A TRIO OF CYBERNAUTS! There isn’t much more one can say about 'The Avengers', the global and stylish television trailblazer it is (by any standards), but we do have something new to present with The Cybernauts Trilogy. We’ve selected three high-points from across the run for this special 2019 release: The Cybernauts, their 1965 robotic debut featuring Diana Rigg; the 1967 follow-up Return of the Cybernauts, again with Diana Rigg and Peter Cushing guesting in one of his most sinister roles; and, making its world High Definition debut, 'The New Avengers' 1976 finale 'The Last of the Cybernauts…??' . We’ve pulled the original film elements for all three episodes into the Network studio for brand new, painstaking, High Definition restorations, exclusively for this release. 

There’s much more to this release, though: as well as presenting the episodes in all their uncut, restored glory, we’re also presenting the option to watch each episode in its contemporary transmission context, with actual commercials in situ. Included in the package is a 32-page booklet by celebrated television historian Andrew Pixley detailing the history of the three episodes and there’s limited edition digi-pack packaging whilst stocks last. This really is the last of the Cybernauts. . . .'

OUR PCASUK feature on the chemistry of DIANA RIGG as Mrs Peel and PETER CUSHING in 'REURN OF THE CYBERNAUTS' in 'The Wooing of Mrs Peel!'! You'll find it HERE  along with a great GALLERY of GIFS, STILLS and more . . .

AND YOU'LL FIND MORE PCASUK coverage of this episode RIGHT HERE!

OVER AT THE Facebook PCASUK Fan Page we are asking, is this a really neat package! What do you think? 😮
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