Sunday, 12 May 2019


#‎MOTHERINGSUNDAY!‬ HAPPY MOTHERING SUNDAY to all our Mum's and Mom's in the USA! Below is Peter Cushing talking about his Mum!

ABOVE HERE IS A VERY RARE PIC of the Cushing Family, with Mum Nellie on holiday, in BOGNOR, of all places! From the left: GEORGE Cushing, Peter Father, then NELLIE Peter's Mother. Next ARTHUR Peter's Uncle, and Nellie's sister in law, WYN . An unnamed chap on the far right. At the front Peter's brother, DAVID on the left and a young smiling PETER on the right! The reverse side of this pic comes from a time when, a jobbing photographer would take your photograph at a sea-side resort, and process it on photographic paper that was also a when you picked up your pic, you could write on the reverse side and post it off to your relatives and friends!  

DANCES, BANQUETS AND BALLS!: Martita Hunt as The Baron's Mother, Baroness Meinster. There is a story that when Martitia was rehearsing the scene where the Baroness laments the loss of the time when the château was once the social hub of parties, banquets and balls, she inadvertently paused and placed prominence on the word....'balls'. Everyone in attendance, broke out laughing, Fisher included...she repeated this in the take that was shot and printed in the final cut of 'Brides'....

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