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The AMICUS films of PETER CUSHING : PART ONE. Begins with the forming of Amicus films with partners Milton Subotsky and Max Rosenberg and their Vulcan productions of 'It's Trad Dad' and 'City of the Dead' with Christopher Lee. Behind the scenes rare photographs, lobby stills, press and promotional material from Peter Cushing's first outings with Amicus 'Dr Terror's House of Horrors' and 'The Skull' get the series off to a great start.

The AMICUS films of PETER CUSHING : PART TWO covers the Peter Cushing Dr Who and the Dalek movies, Torture Garden and the weird and wonderful, 'Scream and Scream Again' with Vincent Price and Christopher Lee. Bundles of rare colour pics and transparencies! JUST CLICK HERE!

The AMICUS films of PETER CUSHING : PART THREE is a whole featured dedicated to the film 'The House That Dripped Blood'. Not only is it support by behind the scenes photographs of Peter Cushing and director Peter Duffel working on set, but also the films excellent supporting cast of Ingrid Pitt, Christopher Lee, Denholm Elliot and Chloe Franks. The feature also details the story casting and a missed opportunity with Vincent Price. YOUR DIRECT LINK IS HERE 

The AMICUS films of PETER CUSHING : PART FOUR A packed part four brings us the story behind the making of 'I Monster' starring Christopher Lee and Cushing, but also an interview with it's director Stephen Weeks. What happened to the planned promised 3D release, why did Subotsky changed the names of Jekyll and Hyde to Marlow and Blake.... and how did all this go down on set? Peter Cushing also made his award winning appearance as Arthur Grimsdyke at this time, in 'Tales From The Crypt'.
 We have an interview with Cushing explaining how both he and make up artist Roy Ashton came up with the 'risen' Grimsdyke make up. As usual lots of behind the scenes photographs from the sets of both films and the inclusion of a Classic Cushing Moment. RIGHT HERE

The AMICUS films of PETER CUSHING: PART FIVE 'Wandering Hands and Mannequnis' just about covers the themes of the two classic Cushing Amicus films covered in depth in  our fifth feature. Cushing discusses his character of Mr Smith in ASYLUM, his next film for Amicus starring alongside his long time friend Barry Morse. Some great rarely seen press pics from this Robert Bloch classic too. After the success of Tales from The Crypt, Amicus, were only too anxious to continue their association with Cushing; happily, the feeling was mutual, which brings us to the next Cushing / Amicus feature, 'And Now, The Screaming Starts!'. A bank of great stills with from Amicus films only period ghost story. Both films provide us with another full feature! YOU'LL FIND IT RIGHT: HERE 

The AMICUS films of PETER CUSHING : PART SIX 'Madness and Temptation! The 'Madness and Temptation of the title refers to the core of the two films that fill part six to the brim! The Cushing Price film 'MADHOUSE' and it's wonderful DR DEATH is quite crackers and the 'temptation' that lay in wait for any poor customer who strolled into Peter Cushing's antique shop, 'Temptations Limited' in 'BEYOND THE GRAVE' is the cherry on a rich and beautifully baked cake! Both films boast excellent casts and performances, Vincent Price, Donald Pleasence, Robert Quarry, David Warner, Ian Carmichael, Linda Hayden, Ian Bannan, Diana Dors, Angela Pleasence and many more. Lashings of stills as usual, even some behind the scenes snaps on the set at Pyeford House during the shooting of 'MADHOUSE'. JUST CLICK HERE

The AMICUS films of PETER CUSHING ; PART SEVEN 'Bowing Out With A Wolf And A Mole' And so with part seven we come to the end of the series. Lots on offer here as we look into the background of Peter Cushing's last Amicus films... 'THE BEAST MUST DIE' and 'AT THE EARTH'S CORE'. Both films had some interesting choices in casting and some on the wish list, who didn't make it, provide pause for thought on how the finished features may have benefited from an injection of some extra buzz factor, that they may have provided. There's much to see in the way of images, montages of Caroline Munro from 'Earth's Core', some very interesting recent pics of the MOLE digging machine that was also featured in the film. Doug McClure looking great and it's hats off to Amicus for bringing us cinema first, 'WEREWOLF BREAK'! 


The films that Peter Cushing made together with the Amicus producers Max J Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky in the 1960s and 70s stand as some of the most engaging and appealing British genre films ever made.  For Peter Cushing, they would represent some of his most interesting character work, too. On that level, for sure, it proved to be a match made in heaven.

All seven features in this series were written by Troy Howarth.
All photographic, layout and design by Marcus Brooks.

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