Friday, 14 April 2017


#FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY: WE KICKED OFF this week's / morning's #FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY with this fine photograph of Peter Cushing taking a moment to reflect, on the set of 'Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell' (in production at Elstree studios from 18th September until 13th November 1973) I LOVE this photograph. I LOVE the film too. Maybe the lease popular of the Cushing / Hammer / Frankenstein series, with fans. Looking over the stats for this film when posted here on this page too, the performance is a little lack-luster too! I can never figure out why this film gets such a poor reception? Surely the WIG can't be that a huge problem it affects, the enjoyment of the film that badly? Maybe...someone can tell me why???

#FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY: The Evil of Frankenstein (1963) was Peter Cushing's only Frankenstein movie for Hammer films, that wasn't directed by Terence Fisher. There is no connection  to the previous Frankenstein Hammer films, The Revenge of Frankenstein'  A flashback creates a prior history that is wholly unrelated to the last Sangster Frankenstein script.  For the U.S. television release there were additional scenes added, on finding that the film was some 15 mins short of the average movie  time slot on US TV.. this would have an impact on the space available for TV advertisements!  The INSERTS featured characters that didn't appear in the original film and have no inter-action with the main characters. Patrick Horgan plays a reporter who questions a doctor (Steven Geray) about Baron Frankenstein. There are also scenes of the deaf-mute girl (Tracy Stratford) and her parents (Maria Palmer and William Phipps), none of whom ever appear in the film again.....!

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