Sunday, 9 April 2017


#GETTHECUSHIONSUNDAY! THE BURST WATER PIPE SCENE: 'Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed' (1969)  In this week's scene, we have Veronica Carlson, who plays ANNA the keeper of a boarding house where Frankenstein decides to hide out and perform his experiments. Veronica Carlson has never been better.

It is without doubt, one of the best scenes, in a film, packed with tension and moments. - It's a simple premise, but very effective. It features Anna having to haul a body out of a makeshift grave in a flower garden after a water main has burst.... But talk about bad timing! This happens, as the local police are running a check on the house, after tip offs, that THE BARON, maybe staying there.  Under Fisher's masterful direction, the scene is as tense as anything in a Hitchcock film, and Anna ends up completely drenched, but successful in transferring the corpse to another hiding place so the police can't find it. It's an extraordinary scene and Carlson is exceptional in it.

'THE BURST PIPE SCENE' : There were many scenes in films from Cushing's career that were complex  to set up or were quite a spectacle. The drama of the preparation of the execution, has been in many cases lost. However, not in this case! We are fortunate that the studio stills photographer, was on hand and caught it all!

#GETTHECUSHIONSUNDAY! ABOVE A SHORT compilation of behind the scenes images of Peter Cushing, cast and crew during the making of this week's #GETTHECUSHION! theme : Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed'

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