Wednesday, 26 July 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLY! : Without giving anything away about this film, you can clearly SEE something very important is going on here HA! The Amicus films #DRTERRORSHOUSEOFHORRORS was a bench mark time for Amicus, that after 'City of the Dead' informed Subostsky and Rosenberg, in which direction they should explore. If you have been watching our uploads of the Donald Fearney excellent mammoth documentary 'The Amicus Vault of Horrors' you see, every time Amicus went off in a different direction, a drama, a different theme..the film bombed at the box office. So, we can be thankful that Cushing's Dr Shreck and Co, were a big hit. Unlike these poor guys, the Amicus future after this scene, wasn't very bleak one!

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! How was character actor Michael Ripper to know that, when he first read the 'HIDDEN FROM SIGHT, POACHER SEES 7ft TALL FIGURE WRAPPED IN BANDAGES, FROM BEHIND THE BUSHES' simple description in his script, that he would be forever associated with this short scene?. I have sat with friends.. . .we don't get out much.. and examined this shot. To try and discover, what is it that makes it so superbly funny. Ripper was a master of these roles. It was probably the thinnest of descriptions on the page, but from that, scriptwriter Anthony Hinds knew the role would be safe in Ripper's hands and Christopher Lee would supply the fright factor! 

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! : THE 'I THNK I AM SEEING THINGS OR going Out Of My Mind' and the 'Wife / Husband Driving Their Partner Around The Bend With Set Up's Orchestrated By Their Lover' is as old as the hills. BUT, it's a popular scenario in Horror and thrillers. Despite having watched probably hundreds of these fantasy films over the years, I still have that ability  that many jaded fans lost a thousand films ago. When I sit to watch a film, unless it's a really poorly scripted one, I just let the story take me along. I am not in the biz of playing amateur sleuth, or critic, picking the plot apart after the credits role. I enjoy these movies, that's why I watch them. I still have a certain naivety, when it comes to being entertained. I come to be fooled, mislead, I am the script writers dream audience. I am not busy sat there trying to work it out. Nope. I paid my five dollars / pounds, I want my monies worth... entertain me.

Which is why, in this tale from 'The House That Dripped Blood' : 'Method For Murder', I never saw the REVEAL in this story coming! Ha! I was with Denholm Elliott's  character, Charles Hillyer all of the way. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? If not, why are you watching?? As I said, from the off, I recognized the set up, but I wasn't expecting the wrap! Neither did I recognize that actor playing Dominick, the voice of UK's Channel Four four years, the late Tom Adams. Yup, I get good value out of most the films I see. Hey, I was the last person during our family viewing of all those terrible murders, to realize it was, Norman!   

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! And finally, Peter Cushing's Colonel William Raymond SEES Alex Hyde- White's Jim Ferguson, in 'Biggles: Adventures In Time' from 1986. See? It doesn't get any better than that . . . . 

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