Saturday, 8 July 2017


#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY! I have been asked for YOUR opinion please.... which of the designs do you PREFER. The original US Vintage cinema poster design on the left OR the NEW concept artwork on the right? Please don't be shy in sharing your opinions on the style and artwork and maybe the reasons for your choice. Thank You! It's #CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY Today and there's some goodies on baddies coming up during the day!

#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY: Christopher Lee like Peter Cushing and many other top actors at the time guested on the classic TV Show The Avengers. Lee made two appearances on the show, first in the Emma Peel era episode 'Never, Never Say Die' And the second being from the Tara King era called 'The Interrogators' which was directed by Oscar-nominated Ealing Studios veteran Charles Crichton. Lee plays Colonel Mannering who is running a special interrogation course, established to determine the degree to which agents can withstand interrogation. Except that everyone who passes the course soon learns that all of their contacts have been murdered. And then, Tara is called in for a run through the course as well. Its a fun episode with Lee delivering a great performance as Mannering

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