Tuesday, 4 July 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY!: To all our friends in the US have a great day today! ..Do you think silicates have cook-outs and parties today???

#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: What The Doctor Ordered! Isn't strange the effect that just a small tash can make to a face you know well? Here is Peter Cushing with the modest of mustaches, that somehow changes his whole face! That are quite few (!!) roles on the big screen where wore a mustache, and beard, a handlebar tash too! (Thank you Mark Iveson) On stage and on the small screen there were quite a few. I somehow can't quite image his signature roles like Baron Frankenstein, Sherlock or Van Helsing with a tash. This I am guessing is from around the time of him shooting the Dr Who films, where a tash was needed. Because of his dislike of and slight allergy to the glue that held on false facial hair, Cushing had to grow them from . . . scratch! The films where Peter Cushing  DID wear a tash? Thanks to Mark Iveson:The Man in the Iron Mask : A Chump at Oxford:Hamlet - although he has a tuft on his chin : Revenge of Frankenstein - end of movie : Suspect : The Dr Who films : Fear in the Night : Dr Phibes Rises Again : The Creeping Flesh - beginning & end of film : From Beyond the Grave : At the Earth's Core

#TOOCOOTUESDAY! CITY OF THE DEAD aka Horror Hotel, is a true masterpiece and the perfect example of how imagination and craftsmanship can overcome a small budget in film making! Producer Milton Subotsky was very proud of their promotion and advertising campaign and the strap lines, but many, think they used a broad brush stroke in the artwork for the cinema poster...maybe relying on the fact that both Cushing's and Lee's careers were then so closely linked with each other, that the cinema going public, aided by this artwork, may confuse one with the other? 

I MEAN, the publicity photograph above proves that it's Lee from a shot in the film, but it COULD be Peter Cushing. And I know what you're thinking..., studio publicity departments would never mislead the public with their posters, would they???

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