Monday, 24 July 2017


#MONSTERMONDAY: This really isn't what you would expect upon hanging a door you just bought from #B&Q or #HomeDepot! But was no ordinary store or door. If you are foolish enough to try and cheat Peter Cushing's shop proprietor in Amicus films, only have yourself to blame, when beyond said door, the harmless pens and paper-clips are replaced by a mysterious room, with one very angry inhabitant, who wants to steal YOUR WIFE! For those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure of viewing the film, I'll stop there. For those who HAVE? What's your say? Sir Michael Sinclair, harmless cupboard ghost with squatters rights..or MONSTER???

I HAVE BEEN KNOWN at get-togethers when watching this film and this scene in particular, to prattle on endlessly about the quality of the cinematography and lighting in this scene.... quite superb!

IT WASN'T UNTIL quite recently I discovered that the actor playing Sir Michael is in fact, Jack Watson, of Babe fame ! Mainly a UK television-film actor, but a fine one, who has down the years kept my nephews and nieces entertained with his sheep herding trotter! Jack sadly left us in 1999 aged 84.  

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