Wednesday, 19 July 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLY: TO RESIST the 'THE DEAD DROP IN' pun, is easy. To try and explain WHAT exactly is going on here, with out giving anything away about the twisty-wobbly-plot of #HOUSEOFTHELONGSHADOWS is some-what harder! All I will say is, if you still haven't had the opportunity to watch the ONE FILM where #PeterCushing #ChristopherLee and #VincentPrice star TOGETHER for the first and ONLY time, you need to do so! 

THE VERY GOOD NEWS IS if you feel your delicate disposition would collapse under the strain and terror of actually watching 'House of the Long Shadows' ..have no fear! Paper Dragon Productions have just this week launched the PAPERBACK RELEASE of the Michael Armstrong's #SCREENPLAY. Which you can order : HERE! . Hardback signed copies are also available for sale! Look out for our PCAS #COMPETITION soon, where you can #WIN your very OWN copy!

#SILENTBUTDEADLY: I SEEM TO BE getting a lot of interest in requested #GIFS featuring Donald Pleasence at the mo! We have posted several rare pics and bits over the past two weeks, especially from his role in 'BEYOND THE GRAVE'. Here he is playing ham Hollywood film star, Valentine De'ath and cutting off a LARGE SLICE, in demonstrating 'How to play a death screen when you are about to be murdered in an iron maiden!' Hmm, I think we can all see where that's going? 

THE UNCANNY is Milton Subotsky's distant relative of product from his beloved Amicus films. Sadly the film gets next to little love, despite having some truly frightening moments. Cushing as ever plays it straight as link man, Wilbur Gray and his disabling fear of milk lapping felines. While Pleasence in his story 'Hollywood 1936', melts the celluloid with fiery spite, ego, and cruelty, it's divine to watch! Donald PLEASENCE worked along side Peter Cushing in several productions. Can you name them? and WHICH IS YOUR FAV?  #GIF requested by Marsha Matthews UK

#SILENTBUTDEADLY: IN 1967 THE #HAMMERFILMS Frankenstein series took an interesting turn. After three adventures on film where the Baron rustle-up not the prettiest of creations from the charnel houses and graveyards, his next adventure and  focus of attention was something very much easier on the eye. And if that wasn't enough, he accomplishes something that moves his work beyond the stitches, the unpredictable brains and behavior of his reactivated dead, because the Baron captures, THE SOUL!  

AS USUAL, Cushing doesn't flinch at these lofty goings-on, and I feel the film 'Frankenstein Created Woman' owes much of it's cult status not just to super siren Susan Denberg, the created Woman of the title, but as ever to Peter Cushing, whose conviction and performance is the real life and SOUL of the film! #GIF requested by Marty Kaiser, US.

#SILENTBUTDEADLY: The world of #DOCTORWHO is experiencing a 'tear in the fan continuum'...! But #PETERCUSHING's Doctor Who say, 'It will all turn out fine'...Agreed? Peter Cushing as Dr Who in film, Dr Who and the Daleks' (1965) ...Requested by Big Red Dalek in the UK.

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