Friday, 28 July 2017


#FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY: #GIF  Paul Krempe (Robert Urquhart) looks on as Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) drops the crow pecked disguarded head from the body he is resurrecting into the vat of acid. In the thread below, I have posted a rare colour photograph, taken by John Jay the films still photographer, for publicity.

It's not known IF director Terence Fisher actually shot the footage that we see represented in the photograph, ...additional footage where the camera sees the face of the head AND the acid melting the head in the acid bath...... It's too easy to say, 'Nah, never happened!'. But the #incredible footage recently added to #HAMMERFILMS classic 1958 #HORROROFDRACULA started as a rumor too...AND a colour photograph ...! 😉 What do you think?

#FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY! The skillful performance of #ChristopherLee as Frankenstein 'Monster -Creation' hasn't weakened over the years. It must have been a pretty daunting idea to try and follow in the footsteps of all the other amazing actors who had played the 'monster' at #Universal, #Karloff, #Chaney, #Lugosi, Strange . . . the make up may have not looked as impressive, but any short fall was well and truly made up with a performance that nailed a new thinking about the Baron's 'monster' . . .Lee would do the same again in less than a year, with his portrayal of Dracula. 

The Curse of Frankenstein was a tremendous financial success and reportedly grossed more than 70 times its production cost during its original theatrical run. Cushing was already a household name in the UK, but his intelligent and driven Baron, would make him an international film star.

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