Monday, 10 April 2017


#MONSTERMONDAY: Peter Cushing's performance as Dr Lawrence in Tyburn films, 'The Ghoul' is exceptional, on many levels. I can't help wondering whenever I watch him in this role, how he manages to be involved in such bizarre and ruthless acts, and yet... I feel such pity for the character. Watching the story unfold, as Lawrence reveals his past, all skirts very closely to 'Art imitating Life', as both the Doctor and Peter Cushing emotionally crumple before our eyes. It could be called, a masterclass in using 'emotive memories' ...if it wasn't for the fact that, for Cushing like Lawrence, it wasn't about recalling the was living with the loss and pain today....

ABOVE A FIRST for our YOUTUBE CHANNEL! As part of this week's #MONSTERMONDAY we present a film, made in the tradition of 'The Old Dark House', 'Psycho' and many many other 'thing in the attic' movies. 'The Ghoul' stands as one of three films that Peter Cushing made with Tyburn films. 'Legend of the Werewolf' and 'The Masks of Death' being the other two. All three films have a quality and pace that very much bucked the trend of the time, and producer Kevin Francis, should be acknowledged for having the back-bone, to present these films, in a style, standard and production value, that would have been considered, out of step by many. 

It is that style, that gives comfort and a quality, that was vanishing quicker than a vamp down a rat hole, at the first glimmer of sun-rise! Soon, all would be lost and stab, slash, scream and dismember would become the replacement for tension, suspense and a quality control hold on the body count. Having said that, many could and do site The Ghoul, as one of the very early slasher movies. Maybe so, but with the presence of Peter Cushing, the ageless beauty of Carlson and Bastedo and the bumpkin weirdness of the late, John Hurt.... things never slip so far as to become blood-lusty and just bad taste. The Ghoul is Kevin Francis homage to all those classics, where, just the THOUGHT of what could be in that room, out-strips the reveal of a million masked, chopper swinging, chain-saw buzzing, yawn fests, parts one, two, nine and TEN! It's a great shame that Tyburn had to leave us so soon, we were on the edge of our seats and just getting comfy! 

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