Friday, 11 November 2016


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: ONE LOOK AT THE HEADER BANNER on this website, our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE   and any of our other internet platforms, will tell you all posts on our daily schedule is themed. Saturday's for the last few years has been dedicated to behind the scenes photographs from Peter Cushing's films, television and theater work. Now, it's time for a CHANGE! From THIS WEEKEND Saturday's will mean #HAMMERFILMSSATURDAYS! We'll be sharing the best in rare and popular colour transparencies, black and white stills from not only Peter Cushing's work with Hammer films, but #HAMMERFILM productions with a Peter Cushing connection! It makes for a pretty exciting day, which will include 'ON SET and BEHIND THE SCENES' images and photographs too! DO join us, this #HAMMERFILMSATURDAY!

#GETTHECUSHIONITSCUSHING! EVERY SUNDAY we invite you to hit the sofa, grab yourself a CUSHION to hide behind, as we discuss and dissect a classic Peter Cushing scene! Over the past few weeks we've covered some crackers! So join us on #SUNDAYS!

#MONSTERMONDAY is our way of starting the week with one of our most popular features! We pick a character from Peter Cushing's work and ask the question, 'Is THIS a Monster or a tragedy of a misunderstood unfortunate?' It produces some interesting points and debates, where sometimes you come away, never see that character in the same light again! Though many...ARE MONSTERS!!




#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: Our posts on a Tuesday could anything from models, rare memorabilia, publicity materials and rare candid photographs. It's the day where, we post the unusual and the iconic too!

#GIMMETHEGIFWEDNESDAY: HERE'S THE CONCEPT, you tells your favourite moment, a shot from a Peter Cushing film, and we'll present it as a silent clip, presented on a loop..JUST FOR YOU! We get skip loads of requests every week, we can only present a handful on our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, so many, you find here, on this website, every WEDNESDAY and through-out the week, and dedicated to you, who requested it! 



#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: While the rest of the net is posting it's nostalgic trips, we #THROWBACK to anywhere from 1913 until 1994, the years of Peter Cushing birth and passing under a multitude themes and subjects.


#FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY : It's a role that Peter Cushing made all his own. With films decision to follow the adventures of the good Baron, instead of one creation, it broke the mould and gave us no more than SIX Hammer Cushing films! All winners, and all at some time covered on our weekly dip into the Frankenstein saga!

SO LOTS TO SEE AND DO, following our website and facebook page for the seven days! It should never be a passive experience for anyone. There's quizzes, PRIZE competition, much to discuss and comment on. It's YOUR website and Facebook Page... without YOUR interaction, the whole thing goes no where. So DO give us your likes, clicks, shares and helps to keep the memory of Peter's life and work, ALIVE! 


  1. Thank u Marcus for more articles on Peter Cushing, any chance you giving me your address to send you by post a copy of my dedicated/tribute book for you to look at.

  2. Thank you Gail. Please send me a email to and I will send you a postal address by return - Marcus


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