Monday, 14 November 2016


#MONSTERMONDAY:ANOTHER WEEK, another Monday, another #MONSTERMONDAY! We've noticed that FEMALE vampires appear to be very popular with visitors to this website. So, this week, we have plumbed for the beautiful CAROL MARSH and her portrayal of LUCY HOLMWOOD in Hammer films, 'DRACULA ' (1958) such a subtle, wicked performance. Over at the FACEBOOK FAN PAGE, we are asking . . .  is she a MONSTER or is she a VICTIM??..Or BOTH?

#MONSTERMONDAY: With a wink to todays last, 'Cushing Factoid' and Cushing's love of board games, I wonder what he would have made of this?? The 'Forbidden Terrortory' interactive board game from Britannia Games (2006) seems a lot of fun. Looking around the net, this product seems to have been repackaged and picked up by several other companies over the years. The MONSTER figures look interesting, as does the Peter Cushing Van Helsing one! Every comment I have read from the 'harder core' Hammer fan, has been a bit sniffy about the game..But, I have one down on my Christmas Wish List! Looks fun. ..Anyone already own one???

FORBIDDEN TERRORTORY : Players try and rescue a Victim whilst trying to destroy Dracula before he gets uber strong. Players need to collect protection to avoid the ghouls dotted around the Count's lair. Players get five days to complete this task. But beware one bite from a vampire makes you a vampire too!

3 Decks of cards all showing clips of the famous Hammer Films
12 Hand painted replica figurines of the classic Hammer Monsters
1 Game Board
3 Special Dice
1 DVD Over an hour of Sound and Movie clips that interacts with the game.

#MONSTERMONDAY: Before we roll out this week's MONSTER or VICTIM dilemma...Vampires from the films of Peter Cushing here are a few and one extra from Kiss Of The Vampire ... who gets YOUR vote as the one with the most 'YIKES' appeal??


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