Friday, 18 November 2016


A FABULOUS SELECTION OF #FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY GIFS from Peter Cushing SECOND #FRANKENSTEIN film for #Hammerfilms, 'THE REVENGE OF FRANKENSTEIN'. For me personally, this is the one Hammer/Frankenstein that looks so handsome. Set design and art direction is once again is taken care of by Bernard Robinson, the man who along with Scott MacGregor, made that 'Hammer Look'. Most of the interiors seen in 'Revenge' are recycled props and sets used in Hammer's 1958 'Dracula' / 'Horror of Dracula'. It all has that stamp of quality, and Jack Asher's cinematography frames it all so well. Hammer had a crew of craftsmen, many of whom were never credited, or even graced that credit role during the films closing titles...SO with an eye to just some of the people, who were responsible for that special Hammer style in 'Revenge', that we now enjoy in these GIFS, here are those UNCREDITED technicians :  ART DEPARTMENT: Arthur Banks : Master Plasterer. Charles Davis : Master Carpenter. Eric Hillier : Props Buyer. Mick Lyons : Construction Manager. Don Mingaye : Assistant Art Direction. Tom Money : Property Master. Lawrence Wren : Master Painter. SOUND DEPARTMENT: Alex Carver-Hill: Assistant Boom Operator. Alfred Cox : Sound Editor. Jim Perry : Boom Operator. CAMERA and ELECTRICAL DEPARTMENT: Albert Cowlar : Camera Grip. Jack Curtis : Chief Electrician. Tom Edwards : Still Photographer. Harry Oakes : Focus Puller. Anthony Powell : Clapper Loader.

Thank YOU!

"Come unto Me and rest; Lay down, thou weary one, lay down, Thy head upon My breast."! Here's one of the good doctor's more needy clients, who manages to get his attention with a false 'pitter-patter' of her 'be still my beating heart'! that enough quotes for ya?? Peter Cushing and actress Anna Walmsley as Vera Barscynska in a gif requested by Moonloo (??) from 'The Revenge of Frankenstein' a classic from Hammer films...



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