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#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: OK so, I am posting this on a #THURSDAY in our #THROWBACK spot, because this features serves as a SECOND look at models and figures of Peter Cushing. Some are self assemble kits, some are bespoke commissioned pieces and some are tableau's, depicting something in connection with Cushing. So, the strap says, 'That we Like Very Much'. You might ask yourself, well what's the criteria here? Is it points for likeness of Cushing The accuracy of the face, the costumes, the setting? Well, not necessarily. If it LOOKS like Cushing, that helps, but over the years I have seen some great 'HEADS', but the costume looks like a cross-between a sleeping bag and a fat suit! So, we are looking for, a good job. Attention to detail, and I don't mean that the figure has the right number of eyes, that are BOTH looking in ONE direction! If the figure is depicting Cushing as Tarkin from #STARWARS, then the correct colour of the uniform, the style and cut of the cloth, if it's a solid resin figure, that the figure have a 'life' about it, not a 'solid lump of dead resin look'. Paint jobs are well done . . .  basically, something I would be happy to give pride-of place on my study shelf, and part with my hard earned lolly for too. Some of these figures cost . . . !


THIS CHARMING three figure piece above from #thebridesofdracula, has some handsome figures of Peter Cushing, David Peel and Andre Melly. I love the bits and pieces in miniature, the flagon, the bucket. Even Van Helsing's holy water flask on the ground, is very nicely done.



This a pretty neat tableau featuring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee from THAT shot in their frits Hammer films together, 'The Curse of Frankenstein' (1957) This I believe is a two figure set, but the lab, the flasks, jars and bottles with suspect contents, were all made later by the person who owns the figures and also did the paint jobs! This #Curseoffrankenstein also made part of a #TOOCOOLTUESDAY post we made earlier this year, along with the Christopher Lee #SCRAOFDRACULA figure below. . .

THIS PETER CUSHING bust by Paul Fay, looks very noble and has caught a great likeness too!

PETER CUSHING'S Arthur Grimsdyke, zombified is always popular with model makers, there are quite afew few kits out there, but this one is one of the best. I love the curled lip half smile... 

THAT VAN HELSING FIGURE again, but in isolation, still looks just as good!

MORE CUSHING VAN HELSING, this time from Hammer films 1958 Dracula  Horror Of Dracula. I like the stance and the base is very nice, though the likeness of Cushing is a little, just a touch, off.

HERE IS ONE THAT really hits the button! Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein from 'Frankenstein Created Woman'. This could be a full size figure, as in life -size. It was shown at the Monsterpalooza in 2010, but I have not seen this image until now. Superb!

ANOTHER MODEL OF GRIMSDYKE, and a very good one. I guess you can't under estimate the importance the paint job, on any model. It can often help to enhance, the figure, the textures of the resin, plastic or plaster. This Grimsdyke figure certainly has had the benefit of a very skilled application of paint.

HOWEVER FOR EVERY GREAT FIGURE, there are always some that just miss the mark . . . 

THE IS ONE ABOVE of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing from Hammer films, THE MUMMY, REALLY could have been super special, it's so close! The positioning of the figures is great, the clothing and textures look real, and it it is presented on a VERY nice base... Lee looks passable, but Cushing John Banning, needed just a little more work. It's a pity, because you don't get to see many figures from the Hammer Cushing class film . . .

AND FINALLY, in that category of 'almost but not quite', we present a Dr Terror, A Tarkin, A Baron Frankenstein from Hammer's '.....Destroyed; and '...Created Woman' a Christopher Lee from '....Curse Of' and A Dr Stein from '...Revenge' that are all good tries, but no cigar!

All photographs belong to the respected owners and makers of the models.


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