Wednesday, 19 April 2017


WHILST CONDUCTING the digital remastering process on his collected musical works, Mel Croucher unearthed a never-heard-before gem: An ‘evil laugh’ competition between Christopher Lee and fellow actor Joaquim de Almeida.

IN THE DAYS  when computer games came on cassette, Automata were well known for including music tracks on the reverse side as a ‘bonus’ for the players. The Games Collector, a UK-based company is now selling those music tracks as a collection on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. When it came to re-mastering the audio for Deus Ex Machina 2, the sequel to Automata’s most famous game, an outtake was found in the archives in which Christopher Lee - at that point in his nineties and recording one of his final voice acting roles – competed with Joaquim de Almeida to see who could laugh in the most evil way possible, with Croucher himself the judge! Who won? Well, that would be telling…!

WITH THE REMASTERING complete, the evil laugh competition is included as a bonus extra on one of the five albums that make up InsĪ€red: The Collective Works of Mel Croucher. Croucher himself is considered the father of the British gaming industry; at a time when most computers were being used to calculate the compound interest on the revenue from a year’s worth of potato sales, he was selling his eclectic range of games for the ZX Spectrum through eye-catching adverts on the back pages of the popular computing magazines of the day.

Interested parties can reserve their collection through the campaigns crowdfunding page at  A preview of Mel’s music is available on Soundcloud at

The Games Collector Ltd is the result of decades of playing and creating games and the obsessive collecting of memorabilia by its founders. With a product line up featuring exclusive, exquisite and highly desirable collectibles, the company aims to bring fans the items they long for, and maybe even a few they didn’t know they wanted!

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