Sunday, 18 June 2017


#HAPPYFATHERSDAY! It's the day for Dad's whoever you are, wherever you are all over the world. Father's here, Father's passed. Father's who can celebrate with their children today, and Father's, for whatever reason can not. My Dad is 4,000 miles away today, but only seconds away when I picked up that phone. He is, all I could ever ask for in a Father and friend . . .hey and without him, I never would have seen Dr Who and the Daleks in the cinema way back then! 

Christina Lee with Father Christopher and Mother, Birgit.

Victoria with Father Vincent and pet Pug, Puffle! 
CUSHING'S FATHER George, was a rock. Though he was closer to his Mother, Nellie, his Dad was always there for him, when he needed him. Cushing joked that his Father paid for his air ticker to the USA back in 1939, but he bought a ONE WAY ticket!!! Victoria Price has shared her memories of her Dad Vincent in an amazing book. And today she still travels the world, sharing stories and celebrating her father. Christina Lee I am sure, is still really missing her Father, Christopher. You only have to see the pics of her and her Dad to know, they were very close. With both Christina and Victoria, you can see many mannerisms that hint at their Dad's.... Happy Father's Day!

The Cushing Family: Peter at the top, his Father George, Mother Nellie and his Brother, David.

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