Thursday, 29 June 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: THOSE OF YOU WHO are old enough to remember the BLACK BOX CLUB AUDIO MAGAZINES of the 1980's, will no doubt also remember the great line up of interviews on audio tape and video that made up the series. Many of the guests were actors, directors, make up artists and producers who had worked with Peter Cushing, who were still working, sharp as a tack, and had great stories and anecdotes to share.

Some FORTY interviews were recorded for The Black Box Show over the ten years it was operational. Now all of the interviews, the raw tape, outtakes, jingles, sketches and are in the process of being remixed and digitized. We are shaking off the dust and cobwebs, and re-releasing the shows for a new audience, as well as those who were with us, the first time round!  The FIRST program will include an interview we recorded with the late Geoffrey Bayldon, recorded at his home, way back in 1988. Our second program will feature a UNRELEASED interview with Peter Cushing from 1980. You can also look forward to interviews with, actors Jeremy Brett, Edward Hardwicke, Michael Ripper, Vincent Price, Michael Gough, Ralph Bates, Judy Geeson, John Carradine, David Rintoul, actor-writer Terry Jones, Ingrid Pitt, director Terry Gilliam, Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Sophie Aldred, make up artist Roy Ashton, writers Brian Hayles and Gary Hopkins plus many, many others. The uploading of our first program as a POD CAST and YOUTUBE upload is scheduled for just a few weeks time. So, check out our PCAS sites for news and details!

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The Peter Cushing Appreciation Society website, facebook fan page and youtube channel are managed, edited and written by Marcus Brooks, PCAS coordinator since 1979. PCAS is based in the UK and USA. 

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