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#THROWBACKTHURSDAY : FROM THE 92 feature films that Peter Cushing appeared in during his long career in television, theatre and cinema, there only about five titles, whatever your person taste, that could be deemed as 'almost unwatchable'. Sometimes it's because of bad production values, (Hitler's Son) technical ineptness (The Devils Men) of the director and his team (Tender Dracula) Sometimes the fault lies with botched scripting or editing (Touch of the Sun) where the film was fiddled with so badly, what remains of the story is a mess...and here we place Incense For The Damned 1970. 

I THINK I CAN CONFIDENTLY  say, there aren't any films, that I know of, that suffer because of Peter Cushing's contribution, it's often stated that many productions were saved, through Cushing's performance! 'Incense for the Damned' has been distributed under three titles over the years, Bloodsuckers, Incense for the Damned and Doctors Wear Scarlet, the title of the novel by author Simon Raven, that this film is 'loosely' based on.

THANKFULLY, CUSHING has but a guest appearance. His shooting was extended after the wrap, to try and bring a satisfying ending to the'll notice his hairpiece has vanished in the addition footage in the films closing moments, presumably it had been sent back to the hire company. Director Robert Hartford-Davis, disowned the film, and had his name taken off the credits.The film was credited to Michael Burrowes... another name use by Davis. As for plot, it is very hard to keep track, and some long additional scenes of 'orgies' are played by a completely different group of actors that were added to a 'continental' version of the film.Although completed in 1969, Bloodsuckers did not get a general cinema release until 1971. Filming took place April-May 1969. Shooting took place in part in Greece and Cyprus.

SO, TO SAVE YOU THE TROUBLE of trawling through the 90 minutes of dross, are all of Peter Cushing's scenes from the film....don't worry that because the scenes are presented in isolation here, they will make little sense.... even when presented in the feature, they contribute little to the chaos . . . . 

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: David Chiang Da-wei was born on the 29th June 1947 in Shanghai, (Republic of China) Chiang is a very famous actor and director, producer in Hong Kong. Chiang was very much a martial arts superstar in the 1970s, working under the Shaw Brothers Studio. He has appeared in over 130 films and over 30 television series.


IN 1974, Chiang starred along side Peter Cushing in Hammer films first of two co-partner feature films with Hong Kong based studio, Shaw Brothers. 'The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires' Peter for the last time resurrected his character of Van Helsing, and together with Chiang, Julie Ege and Robin Stewart, took on an oriental Dracula played by actor John Forbes Robertson and a hoard of Kung Fu zombie vampires! Join us today in wishing DAVID CHIANG a VERY Happy Birthday!

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: NOT THAT LONG AGO in on a planet, not that far away, actor GUY HENRY took on a role that many would have thought impossible, the playing of Peter Cushing's GRAND MOFF TARKIN from Star Wars in 'Rogue One'... but what does Henry think of Cushing, and how did he prepare... here Henry tells all!

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