Wednesday, 7 June 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY!: YOU MAY HAVE noticed from our previous post today, where we mark the two year anniversary of Sir Christopher Lee . . . among his many, many roles in the fantasy genre field, the character of Prof Sir Alexander Saxton in the film, 'HORROR EXPRESS' is one of best! Somewhere in the same field as Colonel Bingham in 'NOTHING BUT THE NIGHT', a kind of Duc de Richleay-lite! Authoritative, but no nonsense roll your sleeves up and get stuck in to 'the monster' sort of guy.

I REALLY ENJOY watching this film, not only because you have Cushing and Lee almost on the same side, but Lee really looks to be enjoying himself. Maybe he was happy that he managed to talk his old friend into staying and making the film. Within days of getting to the studio in Spain, Cushing still deeply effected by the passing of his wife, Helen, was in no hurry to unpack his bags and was ready to catch the next plane back to blighty!

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY!: Requested by Mandy Edwards is this shot from Hammer's 'THE VAMPIRE LOVERS' with Ingrid Pitt pouncing and Ferdy Mayne, fighting for his life! Though the edit of this GIF doesn't quite show that. A few seconds further in, and the whole match becomes a lot rougher and desperate. 

UNFORTUNATELY, here it looks like Carmilla is in a playful mood and giving Ferdy's Doctor, who doesn't want to play, a teasing tickling! Cushing flies in and out of this one, but still gets the pay-off scene with the beheading of the sleeping Karnstein!

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY: YOU KNOW THAT FEELING when in the movie, they've played the scene where 'the monster' has been destroyed, and everyone relaxes then, something happens suddenly, and you discover, nope it ain't dead at all? Well, that's what happens in this shot from Amicus films, 'The Beast Must Die'.

IT TAKES quite a time to get to the point where, the identity of the person who is 'werewolf' is revealed, and then the story tips on it's head. It's well timed in this case, and the almost double take from Cushing and Calvin Lockhart, almost takes their heads off! Requested by Bill 'Bertie' Cleverly!

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