Sunday, 28 May 2017


#GETTHECUSHIONITSCUSHING: AFTER ALL THE excitement of the Cushing, Lee and Price birthday fun this weekend, what better than to follow it with this week's FIRST Chilling Cushing Clip..which also features, Christopher Lee in his celebrated role of Kharis in Hammer films, 'THE MUMMY'. You might think it rude for mute and bandaged Kharis not to call first or ring the door bell, but this creature is on a mission, and the mission is to KILL! 'The Mummy' followed the first TWO Cushing Lee classic Hammer films, in which they were cast together...The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and the 'Horror of Dracula' (1958) . Do you think it's as good, as the previous first two Hammer horrors??

#GETTHECUSHIONITSCUSHINGSUNDAY! There couldn't have been a scene of more terror and shock for audiences back in 1958, when Cushing's Van Helsing staked the young Lucy, played by Carol Marsh in Hammer films, 'Horror of Dracula / Dracula'..well, if you don't count the seduction of Mina, the horrible death of Dracula in the sun, the slaying of the vampire woman in Castle Dracula, the shock value of Jonathan Harker being trapped in the crypt with Dracula...well, this film was and still is probably one of Cushing and Lee's most effective Hammer horror films, it turns up in most people's Top Five Hammer Horrors. Can you pick YOUR favorite MOMENT of terror in FIVE Cushing films...????

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