Thursday, 18 May 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: CHRISTOPHER LEE once said that Peter Cushing had a laugh that could clear a restaurant in 30 seconds flat! And it must be said, if you ever get the chance to catch a clip of Peter laughing, it was a belter!  It also seemed to get even louder, when he was in the company of Christopher Lee! We interviewed JUDY GEESON back in the early 1980's, in her dressing room, at a theatre, where she was appearing in a play at the time. She was sharp, bright as a button, and chomped her way through a pawn salad, as she regaled us with stories for our Marantz audio recorder and microphone! 

JUDY GEESON had only worked with Peter once in FEAR IN THE NIGHT (1972), and Christopher Lee in 1975 in a film called,  DIAGNOSIS MURDER. Thankfully, she had much to share on both. She also commented on his Cushing's laugh...and his pleasure on finding out that Judy kept a parakeet, and had a pet dog. She even brought the bird to the set of Fear In The Night, so Peter could sketch and paint it! It's interesting that most reports and reviews of Cushing's films that you read about, from this period of time, are usual tinged sadness, and concerned with Peter Cushing's grief and loss, of his wife, Helen. It's good to know, he did have sunny days, some light and shade.

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: Marketing the Cushing Film in the 1970's..... from the Cannes film festival to US Home Video entertainment!

AND HERE IS another one from pit of...probably best forgotten releases..there can't be surely, any cheaper publicity poster, as lame and as penny pinching as this beauty from 'Black Jack: Death At The Casino' in which Peter had a guest star role.... this is the 'hold-the-front-page, Betty!' blinding monochrome poster for the trade-show at Cannes in 1981. There was later, a colour version, but it wasn't around very long...a bit like the film, I guess?

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