Monday, 8 May 2017


#MONSTERMONDAY: WHEN HAMMER FILMS released their one and only 'werewolf' themed film in 1961, The Curse of the Werewolf, Oliver Reed's portrayal of the cursed 'Leon' cast a very large and terrifying shadow over any attempt at that theme for a long time. Maybe it was only in 1981, with the arrival of 'An American Werewolf In London' did the 'go to' reference shift from Olly and Hammer. 

IT WASN'T AS IF there were no other lycanthropic releases until then,far from it, it's just that like many 'Monster pictures'...the film flies or fails on the performance of the actor and without doubt, the appearance and standard of the make up job. Roy Ashton, the artist behind the hammer make up on Curse, did such an amazing job, to take what had been seen sometimes as, 'an actor with a LOT of YAK hair glued to his face.... and make a convincing wolf-man creation, from latex and hair. 

#MONSTERMONDAY: Professor Paul (Peter Cushing) saying goodbye to his sliver cane from Tyburn's Legend Of The Werewolf (1975)

BOTH ASHTON and 'Legend' make up artist Graham Freeborn, favored the 'white timber-wolf' appearance...which somehow gave the man wolf a more neater, groomed and realistic appearance..a far cry from what had sometimes looked like the results of man caught in 'glue pot, freak wind, sweepings from barber shop floor' incident! David Rintoul played the unfortunate Etoile, the lycanthrope of the film's title....who until that time, had never set foot or paw in a film studio.


HOW DO YOU RATE Rintoul's werewolf appearance and performance? BTW.....Back in 1978 we were the first to have interviewed David Rintoul about this role and his time with Peter Cushing and Tyburn..... I hope to share this video interview, in it's entirety when we launch the PCAS POD CASTS and on our ever expanding youtube channel later in the year...

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