Tuesday, 13 June 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: WHEN LEE MET BOWIE! The Slim Duke Meets The Count? Would you have loved to have been a fly on the wall here? Both loved music, performing...worked in the film industry they also shared something else in common... Do you know what??

#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: FOR THE PAST FEW weeks we have had a lot of requests asking if we could also have a weekly theme post day for posts relating to Christopher Lee. We  thought that was a good idea too, so as of this weekend, Saturday's will now be . . . 

#CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY! WE'LL STILL CONTINUE to post occasional posts through out the week relating to the work that Peter Cushing and Lee did together, but Saturday's will now carry rare images, features banners and stuffs, as you requested 🙂  If you have requests for particular images, gifs or clips, you only have to ask 😉 Good idea? Let us know below....

#TOOCOOLTUESDAY: DURING THE 40'S 50'S AND 60'S  Picture Show and several other cinema magazines held a lot of sway with the UK cinema going public.  The films of Peter Cushing appeared regularly between many film fan magazine covers. Interviews, features, photograph spreads were prepared by the press office and reporters and photographers were courted and invited to come and dish up some angle of publicity, for the latest offering. Hammer films were certainly one of the British film studios that kept the magazine very busy.  And sometimes gave editors and writers exclusives. But the one above, is quite rare for a Hammer film. Not just a quick chat with one of the stars and on your way with a handful of glossy head-shots and a flimsy two page synopsis! The Picture Show photographer was allowed to take his own photographs, using the two love interest in the film, Yvonne Monlaur and David Peel. To suit the story angle presented by the magazine, and not disclose any details that may spoil the Hammer feature, what we get is bizarre fantasy angle to the very familiar characters played by Monlaur and Peel!  His Baron gets to bite her and she in turn gets to bite him back!  Ok it's the kind of thing that scriptwriter Jimmy Sangster would probably have shuddered at, but  in the realm of publicity, the PICTURE says a thousand words! And these are a couple of excellent excellent smouldering pictures!

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