Saturday, 27 May 2017


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VINCENT PRICE AND CHRISTOPHER LEE! You couldn't fail to notice yesterday, it was the anniversary of Peter Cushing's birthday yesterday?And today, as if that was enough excitement... we also celebrate another TWO great titans of cinema, Christopher Lee and Vincent Price! This is always a special treat we look forward to every year, when we have a TRIPLE opportunity, to indulge and enjoy, and binge on our favorite fantasy films...and everything that goes with that! Are you planning a Christopher lee and Vincent Price FILM BINGE this weekend?? If so, share your idea of the perfect playlist, I am sure many here would appreciate the suggestions, to make their BINGE go with a BANG!

WHERE MANY TODAY ACROSS the net are marking their birthdays in posts individually, we take the opportunity, where we can, to post items, that feature all three Price, Lee and Cushing together. TODAY we have a great example of that! Later we'll be posting a NEW clip from the Cushing and Lee, 'The Last Meeting' archive footage. Where back in 1994, Christopher Lee regales Cushing with an anecdote about Vincent Price!!  'The Last Meeting' archive is, raw video footage of the last time Cushing and Lee met before Peter Cushing passed away in August 1994. The occasion was the recording of a narration script, for the documentary 'Flesh and Blood'. During their time at the studio in Canterbury, England, a camera recorded their candid conversation, their jokes, chat, reminiscing and much more besides. As you can imagine, it makes for quite emotional viewing.

Over the past three years, we have uploaded and shared many clips and extracts from that hour long recording, all of which can be seen at our PCAS YOUTUBE CHANNEL, at this website and our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE. So, do drop in during the day, to catch our NEW and never before seen clip and the final part of our 'The Making of the House of Long Shadows' feature...the only feature films where, Cushing, Price and Lee starred together in a feature film! help us to remember and celebrate the lives and work of Vincent Price and Christopher Lee on their SPECIAL DAY!

BTW: The Birthday Banner rare pic of #vincentprice and #christopherlee together in 1977 is a bit of a mystery to me... anyone have any idea where this was taken, I'd be grateful if you could let me know? Marcus. There is no Lee Fan Club at the moment, but I would recommend you seek out christopherleefan's sites Vincent Price has an excellent facebook page, which is managed and maintained by his family. Seek em out here:

IF YOU LIKE what you see here at our website, you'll  love our daily themed posts at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.  Please Us Help Keep The Memory Alive!

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