Friday, 26 May 2017


TODAY IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY... Peter Wilton Cushing was born today, May 26th 1913.... Please join us in celebrating, leaving your comments and sharing our posts, to mark this very special day and help us to . . . keep the memory alive!


WE ARE SO LUCKY that Peter Cushing has left us such a large and varied body of work, from his appearances on TV, his writing and of course his film work. And if that wasn't enough, the spirit of the man still echos in everything we do here. When alive, Peter Cushing was so loved and respected. His acts of kindness are still remembered by many who met, worked and knew him. They continue to comment, write and share their stories here at our internet platforms. And editing our content here, is a real joy, when it's always received in the spirit of a man who made so many people happy, and left such an impression on everyone he met.

THE CGI TARKIN that appeared in 'ROGUE ONE : A Star Wars Story' created so much interest in Peter's performance as Grand Moff Tarkin in 'Star Wars: A New Hope' and his many other roles on the small and big screen. Over the weeks, huge amount of column inches written about those Tarkin scenes, which helped push Peter Cushing back into the public arena...not that he ever went away! The fact that the name PETER CUSHING, was trending for several days at the beginning of the year, did his career and our society, no harm at all! But the fact remains, with or without high profile exposure,on a day to day basis, it's no hardship, promoting and remembering a gentleman, who is still so dearly loved..who always gets a positive reaction. The fact that his name always gets a smile when mentioned is part of legacy. So, lets blow out the candles, raise a glass, celebrate and remember the smiles AND the frights!..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PETER CUSHING

ANOTHER MILESTONE TODAY! What perfect timing, but you've done it again! On the anniversary of Peter Cushing Birthday, we have hit over THIRTY THOUSAND FOLLOWERS to our Peter Cushing Appreciation Society UK Facebook Fan Page! 

FOR SOME THIS may sound like a corny sentiment, but it's TRUE... this new total is all down to YOU! And the collective YOU is everyone who clicks on our page DAILY, to  our friends out there who send us photographs, cuttings, heads up on screenings, television schedules, conventions, signing events, and dvd and Blu Ray releases. I have to include the guys at Warner Brothers, Twilight Time, Blue Underground and Final Cut, for their continued support and sponsorship of our prize competitions. To Mr Donald Fearney for copies of his terrific Amicus Films Vault of Horror documentary too! I have to thank Nick Digilio and his team at WGN Radio for supporting us and inviting me onto the show. Every interview is a blast, and meeting such a mega Peter Cushing fan provides a lot of fun on the air! Thank you, Nick!  So many to thank who help to make your Peter Cushing Appreciation Society Page, the success that it is.

AND FINALLY, NONE OF THIS would be possible either without the help of my indispensable man behind the scenes, Jamie Somerville..who works very hard in keeping things on track, before and after my relocating to the USA a few weeks ago! His attention to detail is second to none, his eye for a good post, is invaluable. Without Jamie, the PCAS accounts, would simply not be here! So, MANY thanks Jamie. So, here is to the next MILESTONE and to all the fun we'll have on the way! -Many, many thanks again, Marcus Brooks

There is no Lee Fan Club at the moment, but I would reccomend you seek out christopherleefan's sites.

IF YOU LIKE what you see here at our website, you'll  love our daily themed posts at our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE.  Please Us Help Keep The Memory Alive!

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