Thursday, 3 August 2017


#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! FOR MANY of our followers in the UK, watching the opening credits of this films, will bring back misty memories of the first time this was shown on BBC TV. It would have been the first time I had seen this movie too. For a long time, the title #HORROREXPRESS was jotted down in pencil in my Cushing film tally notebook, in GREEN

The GREEN PENCIL indicated to my young Cushing Fan eyes, that this one had still to be seen. There were about eight films, pre 'the VHS HOME VIDEO PLAYER' era, that I still dreamed of seeing. Horror Express, i can say was everything I hoped I hoped it would be. Unlike some of the titles, I finally awarded my 'SEEN IT' RED TICK  in the margin. I was such a tough  critic as a kid!

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY! A super BONUS competition for this #CHRISTOPHERLEESATURDAY, even  before our MAIN COMPETITION is over! See BELOW. More details Saturday . . .

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY!: REQUESTED REPOST by Tomas Watkins . . . 'Can we see that photograph with Lee and Price again please, If possible? I want to see if I can identify those medals on Christopher Lee's chest..' For you, tomas... and if you crack it, please let us know - Marcus

#THROWBACKTHURSDAY: IF you went along to to your local flicks back in 1960 to see #HAMMERERFILMS #BRIDESOFDRACULA with #PETERCUSHING . . . you could have picked up one of these Batty Freebie BATS in the foyer! #reasonsforwantingtimemachinenumber562 Now, IS THAT cool or what??

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