Wednesday, 9 August 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE? Anyone who is a fan of the Amicus portmanteau films, or has been watching the uploads I have been making over the last four weeks of #DonaldFearney's 'Amicus Vault Of Horrors' #documentary, will know, every one of those Amicus movies contain two things, a so-so story and a really fantastic story . . . or maybe two fantastic tales! In the case of 'From Beyond The Grave' their last multiple story movie, seemed to crack the formula, where every story was a winner....sadly this happened just as they packed up shop, and Amicus were no more! This #GIF is from one of the more popular stories, from the film 'Tales from the Crypt' and it's a story with frightening moral, called 'Blind Alleys'. I won't give anyway any plot spoilers, to anyone who hasn't caught this film yet but, those of you who HAVE seen the film, will probably recognize the shot in the #GIF. If you were faced with the same dilemma as Major William Rogers ... BLADES or DOG? Which one would you choose?

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! : WHEN PETER CUSHING announced in a 1971 interview that he was currently working with AMICUS FILMS in the role of a certain MR SMITH, he made the role sound quite uninteresting and quite pedestrian. Anyone who has watched Cushing play Mr Smith will agree...the role is anything but usual or uninteresting.  ASYLUM would be the first in quite a few characters that Amicus would press on Cushing to play men who suffered great personal loss, of family or...wife. Watching Cushing emotionally dissolve while clutching his revolver is a strange experience to watch, and would wobble even the stiffest lip . . .

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! : Peter Cushing as Baron Frankenstein resetting the 'evil meter'!  'Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed' presented us with a Frankenstein that reminded us that, it wasn't for nothing that Cushing's portrayal made the Frankenstein franchise one of the more profitable series in the Hammer film portfolio.

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! THE FAMOUS TONGUE cutting shot in Hammer films, 'The Mummy' must have had audiences twitching and cringing back in 1959, in much the same way as it does now on blu ray and late night screenings on tv. IMAGINE what the 'CONTINENTAL' audiences felt, when they were treated to the full-on, bloodied 'tongue in the tongs' version?? It was hoped when Lionsgate and Hammer launched their restoration project, to bring the THREE Cushing / Lee Classic Hammer marquee titles up to scratch, scratch-less, uncensored and complete, and in this case including the Kharis offending Lingua! Despite searches that did turn up the magnificent missing 'Dracula Death' shot, wandering eyeballs  in a jar and teeth clenching artery shots from 'Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell', and a few other once snipped out pieces, that were thought far too upsetting for the delicate tastes of the European audiences. The Kharis Tongue sadly, remains allusive . . . 

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