Sunday, 6 August 2017


#GETTHECUSHIONSUNDAY! It's up on our PCAS YOUTUBE, it's taken a lot of flack over the years, it holds a damning branding that Cushing actually bestowed on it of....'The worst film I have ever appeared in..!' upon it's fluffy head.! Yup I did say fluffy. You'll see. For me, I actually like this film MORE every time I see it. Yes, it does run out of steam, because it ran out of MONEY! But, despite Cushing knocking it, I am guess he made that statement BEFORE he had made Tender Dracula, Devil's Men, Hitler's Son etc...

IT'S ANOTHER CUSHING film of MOMENTS. Yup, I know isolated moments do not make a whole film, but... there are plenty of more MOTH HOLES ..see what I did there 😉 .... in some of his Hammer film outings, and Amicus too, that I feel we can put this one in the, 'could do better' box. Who knows, if Rathborne hadn't died before his slated appearance in this film, it might have attracted more lolly from the suits and then maybe produced with a realistic budget. So, give it a chance, hide the moth-balls, your best suit and it might not be 'curtains' for this movie... let me know what you think?


TRIVIA: The MORGUE KEEPER is played by actor comedian ROY HUDD who narrates the 'Amicus Vault Of Horrors' documentary that we have posted here over the last four weeks..The Blood Beast Terror was released in the US under the title: 'The Vampire-Beast Craves Blood' AND  was directed by Vernon Sewell who directed Peter Cushing in the little seen thriller, 'Some May Live' 1967: Cushing's co star Vanessa Howard went on to star as Sybil Vane in Shane Briant's 'Picture Of Dorian Grey' film in in 1973 and in PANTO with Cliff Richard and Arthur Askey....She also stared as the dizzy 'pottage' party girl, with Cushing in 'Corruption' in 1968.

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