Tuesday, 8 August 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY!: JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT they couldn't think another way to tempt the lolly out of our wallet... along comes this. The Lionsgate restored print of Hammer films 1958 DRACULA starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee on blu ray, in a black lacquered wooden box including Mediabook and a replica of the cloak clasp from 'Taste the Blood of Dracula' (1970) Hmm. It comes from Pretz Media, and will be available for order from December 31st 2017... and will set you back 74.99 Euros! That's twenty pence short of £68 British pounds or $88 US dollars, 45 cents.

UPDATE AND DETAILS ON BLU RAY FROM ANOLIS ENTERTAINEMENT: Anolis Entertainment sent me this info just a few minutes ago about the Blu Ray contained in this merchandise: ' Marcus: It is not the same Blu-ray (as the UK release) but we are using the same master. Still, we might re-insert one scene from the Japanese footage that for some reason was restored but never used in Hammers 2012 restoration.' - (Anolis Entertainment , 08-08-2017 ) 


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY!: WE HAVE OFTEN  praised the artwork and promotion cinema posters attached to Peter Cushing's Hammer studio movies, from Hong Kong and the Asian territories. 'Frankenstein Created Woman' (1967)  and Amicus films, ''From Beyond The Grave'  (1974) were distributed in those parts of the world with some very fine and imaginative poster artwork. But the poster
artwork below, uses much of the same 'photo-montage' technique, but also adds a little hand tinting, and because it was produced to promote a Hammer films festival, they could pull some great stills to push the chosen films that would be featured . . . Tuesday Cool? Or Not?

#NOTSOCOOLTUESDAY!:  FINALLY, HERE'S A CUSHING FILM film poster that doesn't know WHERE OR WHO it's pitching! We know  the late Christopher Lee appeared in  over 200 films, but Tigon films, 'THE BLOOD BEAST TERROR' (1968) wasn't one of them. Neither did his Dracula arrive twenty minutes in, to liven things up, with a titanic set to with Cushing's Van Helsing! The Italians sure have promoted, what could have been quite an interesting movie . . .! 

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