Tuesday, 29 August 2017


#TOOCOOLTUESDAY! When Hammer films and Lionsgate launched their UK release of the remastered blu ray of the Cushing / Lee Classic 'The Mummy' in 2013, it was the feather in the cap of three amazing releases and titles, titles that are sometimes considered to be, the the best from the cozy cottage studio on the Thames. Stepping out in glorious Eastman colour, cleaned up, crisp and looking much, much more than its estimated £125,000 budget, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and cast, have never looked better.

Everyone seemed to agree, whatever had happened with the previous remastered classics, this one...appeared to be spot on. Even the extras were very cool too. In one of the extra features, detailing the accuracy of the sets, the props and costumes, a suited expert tells us of a . . .' magnificent custom made sarcophagus that was lovingly built by the Bray studios craft, plaster and carpentry workshops...in fibre glass... and that it is now housed in the collection of the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland!' . . . . There follows a pause...

And then, he moves on...! Where one would have expected a photograph or a short clip of the final resting place of Ananka...nope. Not a Pharaohs Tut or Thank you. Just Nada of the Nile! That afternoon, and for quite sometime later, I looked everywhere for photo, a clip a drawing ...anything.  

Finally, some time later, it was left to Hammer historian Robert J E Simpson. . . to come up with the goodies. Yes, it's not in Egypt, or sadly in a Hammer films museum... it's in Perth, Scotland. And that, is as good a place as any. We are lucky it's anywhere! It looks just as impressive as it did, when John and Stephen Banning found it, all those years ago...! So, thank you Perth Museum for keeping the ol' gal safe... and thank you Robert, for taking that photograph. Now that...IS cool!

Robert J. E.  Simpson is a writer, director, Hammer film historian and archivist, who has provided several  works for inclusion on the official Hammer film blu rays including the media booklet which was part of the UK blu ray release of Hammer films, 'The Mummy' (1959). Robert has a presence on several social media platforms including INSTAGRAM  and  FACEBOOK

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