Thursday, 31 August 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! WHO, ME AND THE NUMBER SIX! There are a few great shots in Cushing's first #DRWHO movie, 'Dr Who And The Daleks' (1965) and this, is one of them. Not only because, it's SIX..count em, Six Daleks in a row, but for a kid of SIX at the time, this was without doubt, after the slight of my first 'CHOPPER' bicycle, the coolest thing I had ever seen. I was pretty caught up in the whole Dalek thing at this time and got my Dad to queue with me in the pouring rain, to see this film, the first day it arrived at our local flicks. 

I didn't know who Peter Cushing was at this time, and wasn't bothered that he bore little resemblance to the Dr Who I knew from the tv series. It's the memory of this shot and the image of the dalek out of its armour suit, that I carried with me to school the following day. Such was my recalling of the drama, the excitement to my school pals . . . they too were soon pestering their parents, to trek to the 'Palace Cinema' and see for themselves. Thus, I got to see this film, SIX times that Summer. Happy days . . .

#SILENTBUTDEADLY! Christopher Lee and Barbara Shelley in Dracula Prince of Darkness. Peter Cushing had a guest appearance . . Van Helsing in the prologue, the ending from the previous Dracula in 1958... some years had past since Lee's first appearance as Dracula in that film, do you think his performance as the Count was as good in this sequel??

#SILENTBUTDEADLYGIFWEDNESDAY! AMICUS writer and producer, Milton Subotsky once told me that, he saw films that ended with a 'FIRE', as in the film ends and it all burns down.. as a disappointing lack of imagination on the script writers part. He must have held some store in that theory, because i can only think of just TWO film that he wrote or produced that ended with a big boom or fire. AT THE EARTH'S CORE above, is one of the two, and I guess the source material of the book, that the film was loosely based on, did influence the climax of the film. So, ONE other Amicus film that ends with fire? Do you know which one?

#SILENTBUTDEADLYWEDNESDAY! THE GREAT THING about rubber is, it burns very well! Looking weirdly for all the world, like the death pyre of 'DARTH VADER' in 'RETURN OF THE JEDI', the 'Death-Head-Moth-Woman' bit the dust, just before we could get a good look at here. Monsters eh? 

Peter Cushing and Glyn Edwards play the investigating coppers in 'The Blood Beast Terror', entertaining performances, though Cushing thought the concept a bit weak. Edwards who had starred in the film Zulu, played quite a few policemen...and a certain barman in a much loved, long running BBC comedy too . . . 

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