Wednesday, 21 June 2017


#SILENTBUTDEADLY: Requested by Shawn Kelly. HERE IS THAT horrible moment . . this sequence crackles . .  from #HORROROFDRACULA when Jonathan Harker realizes his fate is sealed, that the creature he was going to destroy, now is about to destroy HIM! John Van Eyssen plays Harker here, to the top, even so recently I had read quite few comments at our Facebook Fan Page that Eyssen's acting style does meet everyone's approval. Eyssen himself, didn't rate himself to be much of an actor! I think he did a great job and of his particular style, I would say for me personally, it was his voice that made him stand out, in a very good way, from most actors of the time. With a total of almost fifty film appearances, it's a body of work that shows variety and a capable actor. How do you rate JOHN VAN EYSSEN?


#SILENTBUTDEADLY: AND THERE HE WAS..... GONE! Slippery characters vampires, and they don't come more slippery than Baron Meinster. This is a great example of director Terence Fisher's ability to the squeeze the maximum from a shot, and this Fisher Cushing outing, #THEBRIDESOFDRACULA (1960)  is full of examples like this. Note just before the cut, the arrival of the Baron's mother Baroness Meinster, deliciously played by second on the bill, Martita Hunt.We slide from tension to empathy, with the Baroness sharing her shame to Van Helsing, in that she too has succumbed to the wicked plague, propagated by her son, and only Van Helsing, can set her free. Requested by  Colum Macanally

#SILENTBUTDEADLY: HERE'S PETER CUSHING about to tackle another case as Sherlock Holmes, but can you name the character sitting in the chair and his connection, to one 'ARTHUR MULLARD'???

DANIEL MCGACHEY came up with the answer on our PCAS FACEBOOK FAN PAGE : 'Beck and Mullard starred together in the UK sitcom 'Romany Jones'. (Mullard's character from that series, Wally Briggs, got his own spin-off with his onscreen wife, Lil, played by Queenie Watts, called, 'Yus, My Dear', and then Wally and Lil cropped up in the film 'Holiday On The Buses', which also starred Michael Robbins, who also guest starred in this version of 'The Blue Carbuncle'.

WE SAID: Well done, Daniel McGachey :) I have been trying to work out a way to get Arthur's name on this page for the last few weeks... I remember Romany Jones very well...and Arthur's catchphrase, 'YUS, My Dear...!' bless him. Thanks, Danie

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