Sunday, 25 June 2017


#GETTHECUSHIONITSCUSHING: TODAY WE FEATURE a scene from The Beast Must Die (1974) from Amicus. One of their non-portmanteau films and their only werewolf one. The story is, in essence, a conflation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (aka, Ten Little Indians) and The Most Dangerous Game, with elements of the werewolf mythos stirred in. One of its unquie features is a 30-second break called "The Werewolf Break", where the audience is asked to guess the werewolf's identity, based on clues from the movie.

WHILE NOT AS HIGHLY regarded or well known as most of Amcius's films, and despite its budget restraints, it remains a fun film with some unique ideas and has a steller cast with Peter Cushing, Calvin Lockhart, Michael Gambon, Anton Diffring, Charles Gray. Are you are fan of the film? and did you guess the IDENTITY of the WEREWOLF, the first time you watched it?

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