Friday, 19 May 2017


#FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY: One thing I have noticed in these Frankenstein films down the years.. you just can't stop a creepy character from peeping in through window! Just plain nosy I say! Here's Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee doing the peeping . .

#FRANKENSTEINFRIDAY: For those of us who have a top ten of Hammer Cushing scenes, this one would be in there for sure. In fact, any scene where Cushijg's Baron deflates the pompous is always a joy to watch. Here Victor Madden gets the pin treatment, as the Baron defends his friend and assistant, Hans from the guillotine . . Frankenstein's quick come backs and chill and great...but maybe not enough to save his friend...

HERE'S A BIT of a teaser for you... you see this photograph around Hammer film fan sites a lot... can you solve this puzzle. ANSWER later . .


PETER MADDEN co stars in 'Frankenstein Created Woman', and is an actor who rarely gets a mention these days. Back in the late 50's and 60's he was a popular choice of casting, for anything from police officers, teachers, hoteliers and 'the creepy one who lurks in the back, that you are not sure of!' He appeared in several film and tv shows along side or supporting Peter Cushing. The BBC Cushing Sherlock series, Dr Terrors House of Horrors, Brides of Dracula, Kiss of the Vampire, ... So, we are mentioning him here today, because  he is one of many we come across in our features...who deserves, to be remembered.....

Peter Madden featured in one of the lobby cards of Amicus films, Dr  Terror's House of Horrors.

Peter Madden (9 August 1904 – 24 February 1976) was a British actor who was born in Ipoh in the Federated Malay States (now Malaysia). Madden was a character actor who made several appearances in Hammer films and was a familiar face in British film and television during the 1950s and 1960s.

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