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'TO CHRISTINE. Amazing stuff. Thank you so much from Peter Van Helsing, Best Peter Capaldi'

NO, THIS IS INTERESTING! YES?. . Here is a very neat 'multiplicated' photograph of what was a screen grab of Peter Cushing as Van Helsing, from the closing moments of #hammerflms 'Dracula' aka 'Horror of #Dracula' (1958), slaying Christopher Lee's first appearance as 'The Count'. A very talented 'Peter's Capaldi and Cushing' fan, who I believe is called Christine, skilfully pasted Mr Capaldi's head onto the image, providing us with amazing and insightful snap of...what could have been, gracing the BBCUK and Netflix international screens next year. What a TREAT it would have been to have seen PC as Van Helsing, he fits the roles so well, as did... PC A missed opportunity, me thinks. Never mind, we'll get to see an actress play the Vampire Hunter instead. Seriously, I hope this all works out for them What do you think? 

MEANWHILE HERE is Christine's text that accompanied her post of this photograph

"MANY THANKS to #PeterCapaldi who signed one of my Dracpaldi manips during the autograph session at the #Supanova Gold Coast last weekend! . . .I made the Van Helsing/ Dracula 'manips' some months ago; some time later the blog posted two of them. The Peter Capaldi autograph was a birthday present for me from my daughter."

HERE IS HER story about meeting Peter Capaldi - he is such a nice man!“Met the amazing Peter Capaldi today at the Supernova Gold Coast to sign two pictures for my little brother and Mum as a birthday present. But I couldn’t afford another Autograph for myself, already had a picture with him, which was such a lovely moment standing next to this kind man.

HE DID MAKE personalised Autographs that day so I told him that this were birthday presents for two other huge fans back home. As I explained him the fanart my mum made, showing him as Peter Cushing ( PC, he was/is a huge fan ), he suddenly had a third picture in front of him and asked for my name. It was so overwhelming and unexpected, I asked him if it’s okay if I could hug him while I tried to handle my tears.Thank you so much PC , it was an unforgeable moment and it still feels unreal.
PETER CAPALDI, for me he is the kindest, gentlest actor and of course my favourite Doctor, always will be.nThank you so much! ~ “Many thanks to Peter Van Capaldi!

REMEMBERING: Melissa Stribling who was born today November 7th 1927. Stribling appeared in just the one film with Peter Cushing...but boy did she pick the right one! She also got to play in one of Hammer films most iconic scenes in their 1958 'Dracula', where Christopher Lee's Count, in the dead of night, visits her home and..without a word.. seduces her. The scene is so super charged with sexual tension, it almost crackles off the screen and as a result got the scissors treatment from the censors at the time. In 2013, in Hammer's restored print the exorcised footage was replaced, giving us the full picture of what Director Terence Fisher, Stribling and Lee had originally intended and created.

I'VE READ SEVERAL reviews of 'Dracula' both from the time of the films' release in 58 and in more recent times, that Stribling was a curious choice for the role of Mina Holmwood, that compared to the likes of Valerie Gaunt and other Hammer actresses, even though she was only in early 30's when she appeared in Dracula, many thought her slightly ordinary and plain. I totally disagree...but if that was the case, I can't help thinking that, director Fisher's choice in Stribling was intentional. That subtext in the story of Arthur Holmwood's wife being frustrated and bored, suddenly being charmed and seduced by the exotic and erotic Count, Stribling was...the perfect choice.

REMEMBERING DAVID OXLEY. ( November 7th 1920 - October 30th 1985 ) Was there ever a more terrifying, evil, rip snorting, bag of fury than Oxley's portrayal of Sir Hugo Baskerville in the 1959 #Hammerfilms production of 'The Hound of the Baskervilles' starring #PeterCushing as #SherlockHolmes and Christopher Lee as Sir Henry? I must be honest, I actually find him more frightening than the hound! 😃

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