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THE PCASUK COMPETITION: Here is Question Number TWO of five in our ' . . win a rare and smashing signed and framed photograph of Christopher as Dracula from Dracula AD 1972!' Competition 🙂 NO answers posted in the message box below please. Another three question to come, after which you can send in all FIVE of your answers to us, as your entry 😉 Good Luck! Question THREE tomorrow 🙂

ABOVE, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, our CHRISTOPHER LEE 'FIVE QUESTIONS' AUTOGRAPH COMPETITION and the NEWS OF HAMMER FILMS 1958 DRACULA COMING TO BLU RAY, thanks to WARNER BROTHERS, kind of too over the shedule and space, yesterday! However, here we are, just for this week, moving the TUESDAY TOUGHY to TODAY, Wednesday! Kills the title theme, but there you go! So, BRRRRR!? What do you think? Very few of you, guessed the ANSWER to last weeks, CUSHING TUESDAY TOUGHY. It was a tricky one, but the photograph had been included in several features AND a competition! So, no takers. 

HOWEVER, if this weeks' has you, chewing your pencil or keeping you UP at night! No fear, the ANSWER will be here Friday. I mean. WHO IS THAT scuffy looking bird holding onto Mr C? What could be the film? In the meantime, if you would like to chat and throw your ideas, into the pot, WHY NOT pop along to the Facebook PCASUK FAN PAGE and join in the chatter OR even throw your ANSWER into the pot on the thread! 

COLLECTING CUSHING WITH CAMERON JONES: COLUMBUS , OHIO. 'I began collecting about 15 years ago I started with vintage Hammer film posters. I have been a fan of Peter’s since I was a teenager! says Cameron Jones a Peter Cushing fan and collector. Cameron's collection proves a point that, it really isn't about the size of a collection, it's really about the impressive quality of the items.  Like many of the collections I have had the pleasure of seeing, there is always a library of dvd's or blu rays. Cameron's library doesn't just have recently released titles, but also the attraction older releases appeal too. 'The first Peter Cushing film I bought on dvd was an old public domain copy of ‘Horror Express’. I recently got the new Blu-Ray releases of ‘Dracula A.D. 1972’ and ‘The Satanic Rites of Dracula’ The next film I‘ve been eyeing is ‘Island of Terror’ a great little film'

'A great little film'.... one of Cameron's favorites, 'ISLAND OF TERROR' (1966) 

'I GREW UP watching old horror movies. I remember seeing this man who was just so magnetic.. whether he was fighting monsters or creating them it didn’t matter I was always mesmerized by him. Seeing him in a movie meant ‘this was a good one’. Now as an adult my love and respect for Peter Cushing has only grown. He has such range as an actor..he was a natural.'

CLASSIC  Van Helisng with Peter Cushing and David Peel
 in 'The Brides of Dracula' ( 1960) included in Cameron's library!

CHRISTOPHER LEE in the Spanish  shocker, 'Horror Express' (1972)

ONE OF THE IMPRESSIVE THINGS about Cameron's collection is, I like that he is a collector, who is bringing together the things that , HE likes. Items, movies and art work that appeal to his love of Peter Cushing. Some of these items are displayed, really tastefully in a spot lit class cabinet. ' My glass display case I got it from IKEA a couple years ago! I think the item in my collection which was the hardest to get was my Titan Van Helsing figurine. It’s pretty rare and hard to find!' Some of you may remember, when Titan released the Cushing Van Helsing figure. It was a limited edition, expensive and everyone serious collector, wanted one gracing their display cabinets! 'My Van Helsing artwork was made for a Kickstarter called ‘Face Cards: Vampires’ a set of trading cards featuring famous Vampires from film and television. The Artist is Byron Winton he decided towards the end of the campaign to add a few famous vampire slayers to the card set. I told him he just HAD to include Peter Cushing’s Van Helsing...and he got put it. I was lucky enough to acquire the original artwork used to make the trading card. It’s Peter as we see him in ‘Brides of Dracula’ 

I ASKED CAMERON if among all the films and tv shows that Peter Cushing appeared in, that Cameron had seen, was there a performance he wasn't so keen on. 'I don’t believe he ever put in a bad performance. Peter brought a touch of class to every film he was in...he is in my opinion the greatest horror actor of all time.' Cameron's collection is still growing, with regular purchases of newly remastered Cushing movies, and if he adds another eye popping gem to that glass display case... he's promised to let us know! I can't wait! 😊 

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