Friday, 23 November 2018


SHERLOCK, LEE, CUSHING AND TERENCE FISHER? . . think about it 😊 Question FOUR of Five. Just ONE more tomorrow. Answer this question, keep your answer SAFE, because come Saturday, you'll be asked to send ALL five of your answers to us at PCAS by using the FACEBOOK Message / Contact Button or by EMAIL at our website. PLEASE do not post your answer to us today OR message them in the website message box. Question FIVE will be posted here and on the website TOMORROW 😀

THE PRIZE, as you probably know by now, is a rare and collectable colour autographed frame photograph of Christopher Lee from 'Dracula AD 1972'. It's in mint condition, one of two that I personally own. The framed photograph was donated by Hammer Art back in 2011. It was signed in 2012, along with another exact version of what was being signed. Today is the day, I am giving one away as a prize😮😀 The frame with the photograph is 20 x 14.5″ in size, printed on Hahnemuhle German Etching Paper 315gsm and was one of ONLY TEN in a limited edition. Have fun with this and GOOD LUCK Everyone! 😊 - Marcus

#FEMMEFATLE FRIDAY: Meanwhile out on the mooooor! Here's quite rare and very intresting behind the scenes snap of director Terence Fisher working with Christopher Lee and Marla Landi, during the making of Hammer films, one and only Sherlock Holmes film,'The Hound Of The Baskervilles' (1959) Landi certainly sizzled in her role of the very handsey but highly deceptive, Cecile. She also appeared with Lee in Hammer's 'Pirates Of Blood River' (1962). Quite a fiery and passionate personality off stage and camera Landi was allegally was quite attracted to Lee. Which frightened Lee more than any Hell Hound! Landi landed the role in Baskervilles, after Peter Cushing saw her in a theatre production, and suugested her for the role. She auditioned and nailed it! 😊

THE 1958 HAMMER DRACULA, Phantom of the Opera, Dr Terrors House of Horrors and..KONGA! Today marks the birthday of Michael Gough! Gough had quite an interesting film career, some hits and some misses, but all entertaining. Two films which starred Peter Cushing and packed career on stage and screen. Do YOU have a favourite Michael Gough film? Happy Birthday Michael Gough, you are remembered!

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