Monday, 21 August 2017


#GETTHECUSHIONITSCUSHINGSUNDAY! There were SO MANY entries last week when I did THE GHOUL autographed photograph prize... we had to have another go 🙂 THIS IS OPEN TO ANYONE . . GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. The DRAW will be SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 3rd 🙂 - Marcus

Peter Cushing as Major Holly and Bernard Cribbins as his foot man, Job in #Hammerfilms 'SHE' (1965)

Christopher Lee as Billali and John Richardson Leo, fight to the death
in #Hammerfilms 'SHE' (1965)

CUSHING'S MAJOR HOLLY inspects an ancient seal on a ring. Note how Cushing uses his left hand. For most of his adult life, the thumb of his left hand was missing a third of its nail! It wasn't unsightly, but PC did have a 'thing' about his hands and fingers when working. White gloves when smoking? See how often on screen, PC actually keeps this thumb away from the 'see-all' camera. It's thought that he started using his white smoking glove, just after making Hammer films, Dracula / Horror of Dracula in 1958. Next time you watch the film, take a look at the fingers on PC's left hand... clearly stained from tar while smoking . . .!

HERE IS ANOTHER photograph, this time in colour from the same photo session as the pic in our competition. It's interesting that Peter Cushing more often than  not, grew his own facial hair when playing a role that required that he wear a mustache or beard. This wasn't out of choice, but because he had a skin sensitivity to the glue or gum that was used by make up artists, to secure the hair! 

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