Thursday, 14 July 2016


YOU WOULD EXPECT the set of a Peter Cushing horror film to be a spooking and slightly unnerving place. You wouldn't be surprised to see the occasional skeleton, disembodied body parts hanging around or things moving around by themselves, but aided by a out of shot prop or special effects guy. BUT WHAT ABOUT MOVING UNASSISTED BY THE PROP GUY???

WELL, THAT CERTAINLY SEEMS TO BE THE CASE HERE! The film is THE CREEPING FLESH  a very enjoyable horror film, starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Lorna Heilbron, George Benson and even, Michael Ripper gets a quick look in. It's one of the few films that Tigon Films produced in the 1970's, along with 'Blood On Satan's Claw' and that other Tigon Cushing outing, The Blood Beast Terror in 1968. Low on budget, but occasionally, quite polished and original. No Dracula's or Frankenstein's here...but certainly at times, they give some of Hammer films early 70's releases, a good run for their money! Though for a limited time, a very good quality DVD was available of this film, believed to have been struck off a superior HD master print, after some copyright issues, the DVD release vanished from sales and can now only occasionally be found on ebay, for very silly money indeed.  It's a film that is still sadly awaiting a blu ray release with a deserving menu of extra features and the bits and bobs, that make horror film buffs froth!

I GUESS I AM ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES, that put my money down, before the asking price went up! Certain cretins think making the price go north, is a dead cert to get fans to part with their lolly. Not The Case. So, the film unfortunately for the meantime, is out of the grasp for many. But, the tom tom drums tell me a Blu Ray is a-comin-soon!

HOWEVER, BACK TO THE PLOT. . . .  Peter Cushing's, more than able co-star for much of this film is Christopher Lee, but actor GEORGE BENSON has a good deal to do in his screen time with Cushing and shares some major suspenseful scenes! Which brings us to the film clip above, featuring both Cushing and Benson. We spotted something MOST peculiar in this shot. Cushing's Dr Emmanuel Hildern is explaining some important plot details to Benson's 'Waterlow'...and then... well. See if YOU can spot it too? If you can why not visit us at our Peter Cushing Appreciation Society Facebook Fan Page, where we have just posted this clip too...and let us know what you have seen...or not! Have fun!

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