Sunday, 5 June 2016


THIS IS AMAZING! A HUGE thank you to everyone who visits and supports this Facebook Fan Page and who has joined us in the last SEVEN DAYS, since we announced reaching TWENTY TWO thousand followers!

THE PETER CUSHING Appreciation Society Facebook Fan Page now has Over 23 THOUSAND Friends and Followers! This, I hope you realise, has only been archived with your fantastic support, your likes, shares. The total was hit BEFORE my chat with Nick Digilio on WGN RADIO in the USA, yesterday. You may have spotted the change in the total, like I did on Wednesday. I thought there was a bug or a glitch in the facebook we waited, to see if it changed. But no, it racked up 22 thousand last Wednesday, and THIS Wednesday this NEW total was reached. It's still climbing!

I GUESS THIS PROVES what we have always known... it isn't really a question of Peter Cushing's assured place in cinema history, this proof of his relevance... TODAY! You prove that, and not just here.... I'll leave you with this though... A tool I use to assist with managing the website and this page, is an 'ALERT' option on my google mail. So, if any news, feature or mention of Peter Cushing is made on the net, I get a notification in my mail, to let me know. Let me just say, SIX out SEVEN days, there are ALWAYS fifty to sixty the morning! That is filled up again with NEW notifications after lunch! AS Peter said about Helen when she passed, 'She hasn't GONE anywhere, she is HERE!' I have to agree, Peter Cushing is very much alive and kicking...and not just here either!

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