Thursday, 1 April 2021


NEWS: #STARWARS! Much interest, today over at the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE about a discovered page in a Cushing Sketch Book, that Makes Experts Flap! Expect an UPDATE later today . . . . 😏😉 

ABOVE AND BELOW: Peter Cushing personal script for the 1975 Amicus film 'AT THE EARTH'S CORE' with a quick pen sketch that Cushing made inside of his character, Dr Abner Perry, with notes about make up during the shooting of him being chased by a dinosaur type creature, where 'dirt and mud' are to be applied and his umbrella, being used as a weapon to frighten the creature away.. Put BROLLY UP but get it DOWN again'. Also study drawings by Peter of him as Sherlock Holmes, can be found in his personal script of Hammer films 1959, 'THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES' 

UPDATE! First, thank you to everyone who 'clicked' with the motive, played along with this load of silliness, when it went up early, early this morning. This drawing I believe was drawn by Scoot Gooder a Star Wars fan when he was a kid and caught my eye. Amazing Scoot, and thank you! Scoot drew this in a diary, with a different date..which as a HINT, I changed to a different one. Peter Cushing did many sketches and artwork, based on his roles and ideas for costumes... the two in the thread are real and legit 😊 Peter was a very accomplished artist and studied under artist Edward Seago (1910-1974)
Peter also did in the 'One Way Ticket To Hollywood', say that he wondered what a MOFF was, and asked if it flapped out of closets. I took some licence and just tweaked the quote. There is no auction, at 'Sotheby's' for this drawing, the BFI ain't bidding either. But the Canterbury Auction in July 1996, did take place.

 ABOVE: Last years shameful April 1st wind up.....
This is only the third time, w have marked APRIL FOOL'S Day (April 1st) ..which kinda has quite a health tradition in the UK, where I am sat, right now...or am I?? 😏😁Maybe we'll do the same, same time, next year. Maybe...... - Marcus  

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