Tuesday, 23 April 2019


FAMOUS PANTS FOR SALE! There is a kinda Cushing connectionl They were once involved in a very cloak and dagger scenario.... so who do you think wore them and in what Peter Cushing movie??? Answers and suggestions are being asked for over at the FACEBOOK PCASUK FAN PAGE right now  . . .

PETER CUSHING AS CHRISTOPHER MAITLAND... yup that surname again, in an Amicus film... in 'The Skull' (1965). The director Freddie Francis often said that Subotsky's screenplay for The Skull, was when he received it, little more than just a story outline. Much of the dialogue, of which there was far less, than the usual Amicus film, was devised on set, along with blocking of the action. Subotsky wasn't a lover of dialogue laden scripts.

HERE ARE TWO EXCELLENT reviews complete with great image and photograph galleries from Peter Cushing's `1965 Amicus film, 'THE SKULL'  HERE  and  HERE!

PCAS actually owns a copy of the Francis, Robert Bloch script... there are many pages of notes and added dialogue in Francis handwriting. The additions made it one of Amicus films best movies, wonderful roles for the cast and for Cushing, a really dramatic character opportunity, in which he shines.... Is 'The Skull', one of your Top 5 Amicus films?

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